Bulk of testimony was illuminating

Regarding “Insurrection hearings fake news for TV” (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 13), did the writer watch the 1/6 hearings?

The bulk of the sworn testimony was by operatives from the Trump orbit. Despite any deficits, the 1/6 hearings were conducted soberly and were illuminating.

Top Republicans initially supported a 9/11-type commission composed of non-politicians on both sides of the aisle. Dancing to Trump’s tune, these same Republicans later opposed it.

Minority leader McCarthy was then allowed to choose Republicans for the 1/6 committee. He chose politicians who claimed that the 1/6 committee shouldn’t exist but for investigating various Democratic leaders. These Republicans would have done their best to turn the hearings into a circus.

There is corruption. Our system of shared power and an independent judiciary with a watchdog function maximizes the likelihood that corruption will be dealt with, however. Anyone in a public position of trust who abuses that trust should be dealt with harshly and publicly. Smearing public officials with innuendo, half-truths and disinformation should also be exposed.

Our system relies on public respect. For that, we need information. Our system of governance and law enforcement is endangered. There’s too much alienation, disinformation and demagoguery. And there’s rampant commercialism/sensationalism appealing to our base emotions and our national attention deficit.

James Joseph Clarkson



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