Insurrection hearings fake news for TV

The fake Jan. 6 hearings are appropriately shown during primetime TV, since it’s nothing more than a television drama.

It’s not a court of law. It’s made to influence those mindless people who watch and believe anything that their TV shows them.

Ask yourself why none of the people who were falsely claimed to be assaulted by Trump were allowed to speak for themselves and rebut the lies told by the “star witness”?

Why were key Republican legislators forbidden from being on this committee? This is nothing more than another fake hearing that is meant to take attention away from the corruption of the Biden White House and continue the witch hunt against Trump so that he doesn’t run and win in two years.

This is truly political theater and Democrats will continue to destroy this country while still blaming Trump for it.

It’s ridiculous and hypocrisy at its finest. The damage done to this country is in plain sight and undeniable unless you truly believe the current president of this failing country and the representatives who are the epitome of corruption.

Shame on all of you for putting personal hatred for someone ahead of doing what’s right.

Kapena Hill



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