Less mow and blow, more pollution savvy

Beach and ocean pollution unfortunately has many causes here on Maui.

A walk on the beach and a swim in the surf line offer a quick answer to ridding ourselves of so much of the storm runoff.

All the leaves, grass and tree cuttings gets blown into the streets and eventually flows down the gutters and sewers directly to the beach.

The Upcountry flood and storm channels and natural waterways all flow in one direction: downhill and eventually to the beaches and surf. They carry all the gardening and landscaping and tree cuttings from anything and anywhere above the beach.

How to stop it or severely cut it back? Require all green waste not to be merely mowed and blown and cut and scattered.

Require that landscaping residue is collected, raked, removed and hauled to the “green waste” recycle. And not just “lost” in scatterings and blower action as presently done by the landscaping services.

We all claim to be very concerned about beach and watershed pollution. Here is an easy, low-hanging fruit, action that Maui County Council and the administration could mandate. An ordinance that all landscaping waste must be collected and deposited in accordance with the law.

Require the landscaping and tree-cutting companies, property owners, and condo and homeowners’ associations comply as well.

Less mow and blow and more pollution consciousness.

Chris Phillips



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