Pilot program solid start to addressing social issues

The recently announced EXPRESS pilot program by the Department of Education is wonderful to hear and should be made permanent.

This is a great opportunity to expand our public bus system to be more accessible to the greater Maui population, by adding more service routes and destinations, which should be done in the immediate future to adequately service our high school students.

This will also help to relieve traffic congestion that is already becoming a significant issue on our island.

The county bus passes being provided for free is also a great benefit of this program. This helps relieve any financial burden on our students and their families. In the long term, a combination of expanded service routes and free bus passes will help reduce the need to own a car, and in turn, relieve the financial burdens of needing to own one.

This program is a solid start to addressing social issues, and I hope that this program is expanded and made permanent. It helps our students, it benefits the local communities, and it makes our state a better place to live.

Marston Lau



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