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Catholic church not getting it

February 4, 2013 - Harry Eagar
I had been going to post a simple, obvious point -- not restating it, since I haven't seen it stated elsewhere -- but waiting a day or two allowed the Catholic Church to reinforce my point in a way even I -- ever pessimistic about the religion I was raised in -- could not have foretold.

The obvious point is the Gomez, the cardinal who relieved the previous cardinal, Mahony, last week, has no objections to what Mahone did to protect child rapists in the Los Angeles archdiocese. If he had, he'd have suspended Mahony two years ago, when Gomez found out about Mahony's rape mill.

Gomez did not act until Mahony was outed by the legal process. Therefore, we can be sure that if press and lawyers had not forced his hand, he would not have acted ever.

To date, so far as I have seen evidence, no member of the Roman Catholic Church management actually disapproves of child rape. If they did, they would act otherwise.

This morning, the Los Angeles Times -- minor heroes in this -- has a story about the congregration at Mahony's church after Gomez's pastoral letter was read. Msgr. Gallagher, the pastor (and, if you are not a Catholic, you may not realize what a high mucketymuck a monseignor is), is quoted as telling his sheep:

"I'm sure some of you are still mightily angry, some confused, some would like to see something done differently," Gallagher said. "The important thing for us to remember, I think, is that there have been victims . . . young people whose lives were ruined.... They need a sense that they are being invited back into God's grace."

Words fail me at this point. They are being invited back into the organization that raped them and that is still protecting the rapists?

Well, RtO could have said that Catholic priests are clueless criminals, but far better to have one of them say it for me.


Article Comments

Feb-04-13 11:57 PM

When I see a roman collar, I wonder "Is this a perp or an enabler?" You can't convince me that they all didn't know it was going on and just kept quiet. It goes all the way to the Brown Shirt at the top of the heap...Ratzinger. Why has he been silent through all of this, even as his lackey Gomez dumped on Mafoney. When my sister reported the rape of her sons at the hands of several Franciscans, Mafoney just circled the wagons and claimed he had no control over the ordered priests. No pastoral care, nothing but CYA. When a Christian Brother tried to jump my bones many years ago, the other brother's knew about it...he'd been shuttled around the state for years. The reason they don't get it is that perp or enabler, they are all in it together.


Feb-04-13 6:20 PM

Born and raised a catholic, St. Philomenia's on Oahu, went Catholic HS. Clean it up people. My Parish Priest was a good man, the Brothers Downtown Honolulu very good men. Clean it up People, Time to look at marriage for priests, women priests, The Maryknoll Nuns at my school deserved all the rights and benefits of any priest. Lets get over the old paternal system and make it a viable alive church. No pedophiles, no wierdos, come on People.


Feb-04-13 6:07 PM

What I am puzzled about was the distinct difference between my Catholicism and the mainstream variety. I think, but cannot be certain, that it was because we were in the South, where Catholics were persecuted. This seems to have made us more attuned to other people who were persecuted than Catholics were elsewhere.

I went to integrated schools in North Carolina long before the public schools were integrated, for example.


Feb-04-13 5:56 PM

Puzzled? When you set up an environment were Priest are unable to marry and are surrounded by young innocent children for a job who the heck you think will gravitate to such work? The devil is running ramped within the catholic church. Take it from one along with his 3 brothers were molested by a catholic "Brother".


Feb-04-13 4:43 PM

We know, now, that child rape was going on in parts of Catholicism at the time I was in Catholic schools (1950-64). But so far as I know, it was NOT going on at any of the schools I was in.

Just as some Catholics my age tell about being taught Jew-hatred. That wasn't any part of my Catholic schooling.

All this puzzles me.


Feb-04-13 4:11 PM

I am a lifelong Catholic and a teacher who has worked with youth for over 35 years. I completely agree with this article. The nerve and gall of the Catholic Church are beyond reason. They are not only clueless as to the damage they have caused, but also shameless in their lack of Christian repentance. The 'little ones' have always been favored by Jesus; it is the members of the clerical state who have forsaken Him and who need to repent and with appropriate reparation "may be invited back", by the People of God to the community of Jesus, the Christ.


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