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Shocka! Nobody shot in Florida dispute

March 24, 2014 - Harry Eagar
It seems from this report (follow link) that a Florida woman was standing her ground in the loading area at Lowe's.

Yet, incredibly -- it was Florida, after all -- the dispute ended without anybody getting shot. Just goes to show how terrible things are when not enough hotheaded and/or obnoxious people exercise their Second Amendment rights. This situation could so easily have provided another example of how going armed leads to a more orderly, safe and constitutional environment.

As it is, nothing but a manini (yet still felonious since senior citizens were involved) assault and battery case.


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Mar-27-14 10:02 PM

I asked my research assistant, Mr. Bing, about it.

Here were the queries:

U.S. states with most guns per capita U.S. states with most gun deaths per capita

First answer: Kentucky, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Weat Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Alabama

Second answer: District of Columbia, Alaska, Louisiana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Nevada, Mississippi, New Mexico, Arkansas, Alabama

I see a pattern


Mar-26-14 2:38 AM

HarryEager I'm calling BS, prove it.


Mar-25-14 7:29 PM

'people are significantly less likely to attack armed citizens'

Not true, not even close. The most violent neighborhoods & states are the most heavily armed.


Mar-25-14 4:39 PM

Harry there are two points that you are missing as well:

1) The assault itself could have been prevented because people are significantly less likely to attack armed citizens, especially if they are open carrying.

2) Race is irrelevant, if you attack seniors or women I think they have the right to defend themselves, with guns if necessary.


Mar-25-14 12:01 AM

There were 2 points to posting this, one obvious, one implied.

Obviously, since no one was armed, a stupid beef did not escalate and no one was killed or maimed. Emphasize: NO ONE

Implied: there weren't any black kids to serve as targets, so Stand Your Ground was not likely to be invoked.


Mar-24-14 9:15 PM

I'm not a 65 year old woman, OneAikea. If I was, yes I probably would be afraid (like you).

What is little talked about is the fact that gun ownership is also a women's rights issue. I don't think you have the right to tell women that they shouldn't dress a certain way or go out at night alone in fear of being raped.

I say dress however you wish, stay out as late as you want, and pack some heat in case you encounter any rapists.


Mar-24-14 5:28 PM

But that poor old woman could have defended herself if she had a gun too. Or she could possibly have avoided the situation in the first place, since it is not wise to assault armed people.

Honestly if she was open carrying I don't think there would have been any violence at all. An argument perhaps, but people are less likely to assault armed citizens, that is a fact.


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