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Requirements for circuit breaker are discriminatory

March 27, 2014 Circuit breaker tax credit applications are denied by the real property tax collections section of the Treasury Division of the Department of Finance if the property “is not the only property owned... more »»

Speed limits on South Kihei Road make no sense

March 26, 2014 I don’t get it. Driving on South Kihei Road northbound the speed limit is 30 mph but driving southbound it’s 20 mph. more »»

Property deferral agreements are liens

March 26, 2014 This is in response to the March 22 Viewpoint, “Roadway improvement obligations are not being hidden from property owners,” regarding deferral agreements on many properties in Maui County. more »»

Norovirus, influenza explained

March 25, 2014 “We’re not happy until you’re not happy!” This could be the mantra of two common viruses — norovirus and influenza viruses. more »»

Maui citizens need to be heard on hospital bill

March 25, 2014 SB 3064, having passed three readings in the Senate and now two readings in the House, is rapidly moving through Legislature. more »»

Selfless dedication seen in commitment to animals

March 25, 2014 Now in its third year, the Maui County Animal Coalition assembles on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss and plan ways to better the treatment of the county’s critters. more »»

Solutions to climate change menace political

March 25, 2014 In the words of the National Association for the Advancement of Science, in its just issued report, “What We Know: the Reality, Risks and Response to Climate Change”: “Climate scientists agree:... more »»

Hump of badly patched potholes a traffic obstacle

March 25, 2014 What’s up with the road hump filled with badly patched potholes in the northbound lane of South Kihei Road fronting the Maui Sunset condos? It’s been there so long that traffic knows how to avoid it... more »»

Return to basic principles needed to revive GOP

March 24, 2014 It is my hope that Pat Saiki can revive the Republican Party in Hawaii. more »»

Raising minimum wage would hurt workers

March 24, 2014 Raising the minimum wage is a horrible idea. The minimum wage law is not an employment law, it is an unemployment law. Employers hire people because of a marginal productivity of labor. more »»

Passage of bill is critical to hospital’s future

March 24, 2014 As you may know, the state Senate is discussing SB 3064, which would allow public-private partnership for Hawaii state hospitals, including Maui Memorial Medical Center. more »»

Can areas that want to go leave Russia as well?

March 23, 2014 Apparently President Vladimir Putin sanctions the ability of ethnic background areas adjacent to the Russian Federation to come and go as they please, regardless of present affiliation. more »»

Roadway improvement obligations are not being hidden from property owners

March 22, 2014 This is a response to the March 2 Viewpoint, “Liens need to be removed,” regarding deferral agreements on certain properties in Maui County. more »»

Law regarding corporations needs clarification

March 22, 2014 When a lower court found in favor of classifying a corporation as a person, I was shocked. However, I believed that the Supreme Court would rectify the error but it has failed to do so. more »»

Judges, lawyers, police starring in reality farce

March 22, 2014 Maui lady arrested for mail theft, multiple counts (The Maui News, March 17). She has 19 felony convictions plus 15 misdemeanor convictions. more »»

Natalie Cole concert included disappointments

March 21, 2014 My neighbor and I attended the Natalie Cole concert. It is always fun to go to these functions and hear such great talent. more »»

Awaiting updates on proposed underwater cable

March 21, 2014 Has anyone heard more about the Public Utilities Commission’s decision on whether to ask for formal bids on the underwater electrical cable between Oahu and Maui? There seemed to be a lot of talk... more »»

Workers get no help from unions in class struggle

March 21, 2014 Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, everything is becoming a class struggle. Hawaii is no longer Hawaii, it is becoming a free-for-all for outside exploiters and oppressors. more »»

Divert defense spending to meet domestic needs

March 21, 2014 A March 18 Maui News editorial urged larger military spending to maintain world domination and a image of strength and dependability. more »»

State lawmakers should follow president’s example

March 20, 2014 In his sixth State of the Union address, President Barack Obama challenged Congress and private businesses to “give America a raise” after promising federally contracted workers a $10.10 minimum wage. more »»



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