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One-way streets would ease Maui traffic problems

March 9, 2014 Here is a suggestion for Maui’s traffic problem — more one-way streets. A simple fix for Kihei, for example, is to make Piilani Highway one way out (north) and South Kihei Road one way in (south). more »»

Lousy job done with highway coating, restriping

March 9, 2014 Well, it’s official: The mile-and-a-half coating and restriping from Maalaea north has taken longer than building thousands of miles of the Alaska highway during World War I. more »»

Clarification offered on wages for county workers

March 9, 2014 In response to letters on my Feb. 23 “Chair’s 3 Minutes” column, I wish to clarify the statistic “over a five-year period wages paid by Maui County increased by 2. more »»

March is World Kidney Month

March 8, 2014 Statistics show that Hawaii kidney disease is 30 percent higher than the national average. more »»

Few purebreds are left, and that’s a good thing

March 8, 2014 I have not heard the term “mulatto” for many years but do not think it is any way derogatory or politically incorrect. It simply means someone is half white and half black. more »»

Keeping the truth hidden is not helping animals

March 8, 2014 In response to “Criticizing humane society creates no solutions” (Letters, March 4): Criticism is one thing but, in this case, keeping the truth hidden and pretending all is OK is something... more »»

Cracking down on carry-on baggage a good thing

March 8, 2014 Did you all see that United Airlines is stopping those people who come from somewhere else from carrying on those great big suitcases (The Maui News, March 5)? That’ll be a great thing for all the... more »»

Local government’s response reason for hope

March 8, 2014 We often moan about how local government is slow to respond to civilian concerns. Here is an exception. Hundreds of adults and children play tennis at Kalama Park. more »»

It’s not hard to distinguish GMO from non-GMO

March 8, 2014 Apparently a March 3 letter writer is unaware of the simple way to tell genetically modified food from non-GMO food. If it doesn’t say “No GMO” on it, then it has some GMO component. more »»

Dedication at humane society is impressive

March 8, 2014 I joined the volunteer group at the Maui Humane Society two months ago, and I have been quite impressed with the high degree of training, dedication, organization and hard wor. more »»

Don’t base citations on the word of the spotter

March 8, 2014 Would it be likely that a person would be convicted of a major offense, maybe murder, based on secondhand information? This is what is being done with seat belt violations. more »»

Legalizing marijuana would not hurt Hawaii

March 7, 2014 A March 3 letter writer is right about Pono Choices but she’s wrong about marijuana. more »»

Land is still being taken from Hawaiian residents

March 7, 2014 Shame on the County Council and anyone involved in looking the other way as land was taken yet again from Hawaiian residents. more »»

Council member portrays county workers unfairly

March 7, 2014 In the Feb. 23 “Chair’s 3 Minutes” column, Council Member Mike White implies the taxpayers are being unfairly burdened by county workers whose wages — he suggests — have increased 24. more »»

Tourism has had a negative impact on Maui

March 7, 2014 I read in a travel book the following: That which attracts tourism is destroyed by touris. more »»

Dangerous intersection should have traffic light

March 6, 2014 After the most recent accident at Piilani Highway and East Welakahao Road, isn’t it time for the Department of Transportation to install a traffic signal? The debris from this accident is still on... more »»

Maui’s future endangered by the narrow-minded

March 6, 2014 While one would have to be stupid or venal to run Maui at a loss, one would have to be wise to preserve the island by stringent moderation of growth and overuse of the resources. more »»

Downsizing the military puts country in danger

March 6, 2014 To return to the pre-World War II strength of our military (Today’s Editorial, Feb. 25) in the reality of present world tumult is not only stupid but outright insane and dangerous for our country. more »»

Lots of questions about evacuation plan for Kihei

March 6, 2014 What is the real tsunami evacuation plan for Kihei? If there were a significant tsunami that impacts the Kihei/Wailea area, I would like to know the actual details for evacuation, shelter, food and... more »»

Letter cruel to families of two missing women

March 6, 2014 I had to reread the March 3 letter “Other questions for police never got to be asked.” The letter was cruel, ignorant and self-serving at the expense of two tortured Maui familie. more »»



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