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Workers often at mercy of money-hungry management

April 8, 2016 America will fail because it believes less in God and is more into mammon, God of money. America cannot save jobs. In losing one company another one opens. Another owner. Employees are at a loss. more »»

Maui property taxes are among lowest in the nation

April 8, 2016 To the March 29 letter writer who suggests the county should complete an “in-depth analysis” of every department before raising fees and taxes, he may do well to heed his own advice. more »»

S. Maui community comes together for common cause

April 7, 2016 Congratulations to our South Maui community as the reality of the long-awaited Kihei high school draws ever nearer. more »»

Votes of some council members are hypocritical

April 7, 2016 It is ironic and hypocritical of some members of the Maui County Council to refuse to vote for an applicant to the County of Maui Department of Water Supply. more »»

TV ‘news’ overreacts to terrorism in Belgium

April 7, 2016 Get a grip folks and follow Jim Croce’s advice: “blow up your TV.” We won’t, but at least we can hit the mute button and note the advertiser we can boycott. more »»

Hawaii no longer land of aloha?

April 7, 2016 Just wondering. more »»

It’s time for some red-light cameras

April 7, 2016 Yet again we were almost taken out by a driver who blew through a red light. It’s time for some strategically placed red-light cameras. more »»

Put question about Maui government on ballot

April 7, 2016 I want to thank the members of the Special Committee on County Governance for all the effort that they have put into carrying out their responsibility. more »»

Cochran was an obstacle to getting road repaved

April 7, 2016 I read with wide-eyed amazement the March 25 Viewpoint about Pu‘ukoli‘i by County Council Member Elle Cochran. I’m the “concerned resident” in her article. more »»

Preference shown for two religious holidays

April 7, 2016 There is allegedly a separation of church and state in the U.S. If this were true, there would be no Christmas or Easter holidays sanctioned by our governments. more »»

Assimilation an American quality we should protect

April 7, 2016 The Maui News March 23 editorial, “The menace in our midst,” is both timely and precise. more »»

Freedom of speech comes with its consequences

April 6, 2016 It just amazes me that the people who are crying civil discourse are the same type that are cold-cocking people being escorted out of conventions but see nothing wrong with that! The other thing the... more »»

Demagoguery forces try to delegitimize this president

April 6, 2016 A March 22 letter writer advising “we the people” suggests for the Senate to refuse to consent to the Supreme Court nominee, conveniently omitting the fact that the Senate Republicans won’t even... more »»

‘Tiny house’ movement can help reduce homelessness

April 6, 2016 Hawaii has had a history of being unfriendly to the new “tiny house” movement, choosing instead to support the big builders rather than people who need affordable housing. more »»

Moped operator was texting and driving

April 5, 2016 It’s true. What is seen cannot be unseen! I was driving through Kahului the other day when a young lad passed me on the right shoulder while driving a moped. more »»

100 percent renewable energy is a real fantasy

April 5, 2016 Mayor Alan Arakawa’s article (March 18) on the possibility of 100 percent renewable energy refers to the town of Georgetown, Texas, which supposedly has achieved that goal. more »»

The Earth is a an old golf ball

April 5, 2016 The Earth or globe is an old golf ball. In the center is a core of hot lava, surrounded by layers and layers of liquids, solids and gas. Offshore drilling for oil. Mining iron and other materials. more »»

Self-funded candidate also a political outsider

April 5, 2016 Like or hate Donald Trump, he’s a political outsider to our government in Washington, D.C. He wants to shake things up. more »»

A vote for Regan will be a vote for the future

April 5, 2016 My family knows full well how difficult it is to be in politics because my grandfather, the late Robert Shimada, was a member of the Board of Supervisors in the 1950s, and my granduncle, the late... more »»

Victims compensated in accordance with state law

April 5, 2016 I am amazed at the audacity of the request of county employee survivors of the 2014 plane crash (The Maui News, March 19). more »»



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