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Is use of public areas as a bathroom OK with ACLU?

March 15, 2016 Regarding the March 5 article stating that the ACLU is against “prohibiting sitting and lying on public sidewalks and going to the bathroom in public areas. more »»

Repaving of road begins after 10 years

March 13, 2016 The repaving of Puukolii Road in West Maui began March 7. It actually began in October of 2006, at a meeting with Mayor Alan Arakawa and his staff. more »»

Burning cane on thick vog day is a crime

March 13, 2016 Today (March 3) we have thick vog and the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. sugar cane burn smoke filling up the air. more »»

Climate change website full of misinformation

March 13, 2016 The writer of a Feb. 28 letter describes man-made global warming as a hoax and supplies us with a link to a document as proof. Here is some background on that document. more »»

County needs of have professional management

March 13, 2016 Maui’s needs have evolved to where it would benefit from a professional trained manager to operate it efficiently. Department heads should be qualified professionals. more »»

Labor is what we need, not more people to supervise

March 13, 2016 There’s a poster with three men on a big wrench attached to a motor. A fourth man on the side asks, “Need another jerk?” We have elected people from each part of the county we voted into offic. more »»

Developers trying to work around laws

March 13, 2016 Recently, once again, there was a meeting regarding another attempt to circumvent and create exceptions to the law WR-219, “Show Me the Water.” It should have been called “Show Me the Money. more »»

Mayoral office system and staff not required

March 13, 2016 Mark Hyde wrote an excellent Viewpoint regarding the reasons change is badly needed in our current form of government (The Maui News, March 1). more »»

Lawsuit seeks to end agriculture burning

March 13, 2016 Some have asked why Stop Cane Burning continues to fight Alexander & Baldwin and the Department of Health in court. more »»

Complex problem requires an intelligent solution

March 11, 2016 On the surface, it seems the attempt by the County Council, and primarily Council Member Riki Hokama — who has refused to alter the ag bill after significant recommendations in the past from... more »»

Politicians have chosen to ignore the DOE guidelines

March 11, 2016 Politicians have overstepped their boundaries by proposing SB 814, which requires that the Board of Education name the yet-to-be built co-ed Kihei high school the Patsy Takemoto Mink South Maui High... more »»

Behavior of the upper class worthy of ridicule

March 11, 2016 In the language of my ancestry, we have a word for which I can find no English equivalent. A brief translation might be “to ridicule up. more »»

Old infrastructure cannot handle population increase

March 11, 2016 Traffic everywhere, out-of-state Americans moving in by the droves. There is no more room left, the old infrastructure cannot handle the population increase that Maui has been experiencing. more »»

Incinerator could help with landfill problems

March 11, 2016 With the continued problems at the Maui landfills, why hasn’t the County Council opened discussions about building an incinerator to handle the trash that is accumulated? I remember during Linda... more »»

We deserve to have school named ‘Kihei High School’

March 11, 2016 Kihei High School. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. more »»

Amazing staff at beach resort rescues swimmers

March 11, 2016 I have come to Napili Bay for over 50 years. more »»

Politicians rarely repeal taxes once imposed

March 11, 2016 Having lived now 92 years has given me an opportunity to view the sorts of taxes and their proposed increases as discussed by Pamela Tumpap in “Chamber View” (The Maui News, March 3. more »»

HC&S’ ‘yield decline’ is primarily the result of chemicals it is using

March 10, 2016 “The decline of agriculture” (Today’s Editorial, The Maui News, Feb. 24) sets the stage and place for an overdue discussion of Maui’s agriculture with its implications for the rest of Hawai. more »»

Amazing cast in ‘Guys and Dolls’

March 10, 2016 I am writing to encourage your readers to go see “Guys and Dolls” at the Historic Iao Theater this weekend. more »»

Opportunity to vote against hard-liners

March 10, 2016 Thanks to our president, his team and our allies, Iran signed on to the “Iran Nuclear Deal. more »»



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