Boersma collects first state pro title

Mark Boersma competes in the Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship on Saturday at Kanaha Beach Park on the way to claiming the pro title in the final event of this year’s Maui Race Series. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

It took Mark Boersma 19 years, but he’s now the King of Kanaha after winning his first pro title at the Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship on Saturday at Kanaha Beach Park in Kahului.

The event was the last of the 33rd annual Maui Race Series. Competitors were treated to a steady diet of tradewinds blowing at 25-30 mph.

Boersma, 29, was 10 years old when he first raced at Kanaha as the youngest competitor at the U.S. Windsurfing National Championships in 1998.

The intermediate school special education teacher and wrestling coach from Grand Haven, Mich., has been racing on Maui ever since, missing only two summers.

“It was a long time in coming, a lot of hard work,” Boersma said. “Training for 19 years. Everything finally came together.”

Peter John leads Peter Slate (SA 7) and Francisco Goya. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Boersma and Peter Slate, the defending state champion, each had two wins going into their final heats.

Slate finished second in the heat before Boersma’s.

“As I was staging for my race, I was keeping an eye on that heat,” Boersma said. “I saw Phil (McGain) beat him (Slate) out of the first mark. When Phil does that he does a good job of defending. Then I knew I had to beat Dan (Ellis) and finish second behind Peter John.”

Boersma did indeed claim that runner-up spot — he and Slate each then had two wins and a second-place finish, which forced a tiebreaker using the throw-out score from their fourth race. Boersma had a fourth-place finish while Slate had a sixth.

The difference turned out to be their third heat, when Slate was leading Boersma coming out of a turn around the second outside mark. Slate fell and hit the water hard.

Tamara Bockius leads Debbie Talbot on the way to sweeping all four of the women’s races. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

“He came down on top of me,” Boersma said. “I don’t know how I stayed on my board. We made contact, I don’t know if he spun sliding out or what.”

Slate said: “We had a collision. We crossed swords, unlucky for me, lucky for him, but it was great racing. … I’m really impressed with how he has improved and grown,” Slate said. “I sailed well, Mark just sailed a little better.”

Tamara Bockius won her sixth consecutive women’s state title, and seventh in eight years, sweeping all four heats. She will compete in the U.S. Windsurfing Nationals in Berkeley, Calif., starting Tuesday.

“It was good timing for nationals,” Bockius said. “It was really fun racing.”

Benjamin Bertrand (junior), Phil McGain (40-59) and Ben Massenburg (60 and over) also repeated. The other champions were John (pro-am), Dan Ellis (19-39), Jay Lee (semipro) and Jackson Holder (sport).

Benjamin Bertrand finishes a heat during an unbeaten run through the junior division. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo



Saturday’s Results

At Kanaha Beach Park

Pro–1. Mark Boersma 4-0.7-0.7-2–3.4, 2. Peter Slate 0.7-0.7-6-2–3.4, 3. Peter John 2-2-2-0.7–4.7, 4. Phil McGain 5-2-2-0.7–4.7, 5. Julien Ventalon 0.7-4-3-3–6.7, 6. Dan Ellis 3-5-0.7-3–6.7, 7. Francisco Goya 2-7-3-4–9, 8. Xavier Ferlet 4-3-4-5–11, 9. Casey Hauser 6-3-4-4–11, 10. Eric Lemire 3-4-5-6–12, 11. Mike Yasak 5-5-5-5–15.

Ben Massenburg, winner of the men’s 60-and-over division, leads second-place finisher Ted Hunter around the first mark. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Women–1. Tamara Bockius 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Johanna Yee 6-2-4-2–8, 3. Sam Bittner 3-4-2-3–8, 4. Inmi Lee 5-3-3-6–11, 5. Debbie Talbot 4-5-5-4–13, 6. Diane Takemoto 2-7-7-5–14.

Pro-am–1. Peter John 0.7-0.7-5-2–3.4, 2. Peter Slate 4-4-0.7-0.7–5.4, 3. Julien Ventalon 2-3-2-3–7, 4. Francisco Goya 3-2-3-4–8.

Junior–1. Benjamin Bertrand 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Luc Guidroz 3-2-2-2–6, 3. Tomer Helzer 2-3-4-3–8, 4. Camille Erdman 4-4-3-4–11.

Semipro–1. Jay Lee 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Jon Cameron 2-4-2-7–8, 3. Ted Hunter 7-2-3-5–10, 4. Ben Massenburg 4-3-6-3–10, 5. Todd MacFarlane 6-5-5-2–12, 6. Shaun Geer 3-7-7-4–14, 7. Chris Bolt 5-6-4-6–15, 8. Johanna Yee 9-8-8-8–24, 9. Greg Thomas 8-10-10-10–28.

Sport–1. Jackson Holder 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Benjamin Bertrand 2-2-3-3–7, 3. Masao Hirota 3-7-2-2–7, 4. Sam Bittner 6-3-5-8–14, 5. Inmi Lee 5-5-4-5–14, 6. Kyesung Lee 4-10-8-4–16, 7. Tomer Helzer 10-4-10-6–20, 8. Luc Guidroz 8-6-6-9–20, 9. Camille Erdman 7-8-7-7–21.

19-39–1. Dan Ellis 2-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Mark Boersma 0.7-2-2-2–4.7, 3. Casey Hauser 3-3-3-3–9, 4. Jay Lee 4-4-4-4–12, 5. Jackson Holder 5-5-5-5–15, 6. Chris Bolt 6-6-6-6–18.

40-59–1. Phil McGain 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Xavier Ferlet 2-3-7-2–7, 3. Mike Yasak 6-4-2-3–9, 4. Jon Cameron 4-2-4-4–10, 5. Eric Lemire 3-5-3-4–10, 6. Shaun Geer 5-6-5-5–15, 7. Yasunari Tsukamoto 7-7-8-6–20, 8. Takashi Ohata 8-8-6-9–22.

60 and over–1. Ben Massenburg 2-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Ted Hunter 0.7-3-2-2–4.7, 3. Greg Thomas 6-2-3-3–8, 4. Todd MacFarlane 3-6-5-4–12, 5. Masao Hirota 4-4-4-5–12, 6. Kyeseung Lee 5-5-6-7–16.