Buenrostro-Gallimore gears up for swimming swan song

Bears strategize ahead of MIL championships

Rebecca Buenrostro-Gallimore

LAHAINA — Next week’s Maui Interscholastic League swimming and diving championships look like they will be a Baldwin High School party, but it will have special meaning for Rebecca Buenrostro-Gallimore.

The Bears senior swam the backstroke leg on Baldwin’s victorious 200-yard medley relay, won the 100 breaststroke, swam a leg on the Bears’ fourth-place 200 free relay and finished second to teammate Kaimi Matsumoto in the 200 individual medley on Saturday in the MIL’s penultimate meet at the Lahaina Aquatic Center.

The MIL championships and the state championships at Kihei Aquatic Center on Feb. 9-10 will likely mark the end of Buenrostro-

Gallimore’s competitive swimming career.

She is the reigning MIL Player of the Year in water polo and has already taken an official visit to the University of Hawaii. She has visits planned to San Diego State and Hartwick College in Oneonta, N.Y.

Swimmers take off in the boys 400-yard freestyle relay, the final event of Saturday’s Maui Interscholastic League meet at Lahaina Aquatic Center. - The Maui News / CHRIS SUGIDONO photo

“I definitely just want to finish it off strong,” Buenrostro-Gallimore said. “I know this is probably going to be my last time swimming. There’s swimming in water polo, but it’s not so much competitive. So, I’m just going to try to finish my best and lead the team as much as possible.”

For Saturday’s meet, Baldwin coach Leighton Hao assigned his swimmers to events they do not normally swim as they prepare mentally for the league championships.

“It kind of let’s tweak ourselves in our off events, so that we can just be better in our main events,” Buenrostro-Gallimore said. “It let us have more fun. I mean, swimming is all about having fun, so we’re going swim things that we like. MILs will be strictly business — we have got to get done what we need to get done.”

Hao lets his swimmers have input on their events for the league championships — they can enter a maximum of two individual events and two relays or one individual event and three relays.

“I would like to say it’s fun, but it’s actually really stressful,” Buenrostro-Gallimore said. “Because you’re trying to plan out the future of your meet and you’re trying to pick what you think you’ll swim best in, what your teammates will swim best in. You’re kind of guessing what the other swimmers will swim to see how the points will go. It’s not so much fun, it’s more stress, but when MILs comes around it’s obviously fun.”

Kaimi Matsumoto

On Saturday, the Bears girls did not enter a 400 free relay team and still won the meet with 60 points, nine more than Maui Prep. The Baldwin boys also did not enter a team in the final event and tied with Lahainaluna for the top spot with 36 points — Kamehameha Maui and Maui Prep tied for third just two points back.

Matsumoto was the Bears’ only double individual winner on Saturday as she added the 100 butterfly to her 200 IM victory.

“I’m not sure,” Matsumoto said when asked what she will be swimming next week. “It kind of depends on what the other girls are swimming because we want to earn points for our team, so I kind of have to strategize.”

King Kekaulike’s Aniston Eyre won the girls 200 and 50 freestyles, while Maui Prep’s Slater Fleck and Lahainaluna’s Jaden Yip were the only boys individual double winners — Fleck won the 200 IM and 100 backstroke, and Yip won the 200 and 500 freestyles.

Senior Kaipo Acain was the Bears’ only boys winner, finishing first in the 100 butterfly.

Seabury Hall’s Miles Stone swims Saturday. - The Maui News / CHRIS SUGIDONO photo

“Today helps a lot,” Acain said of being ready for MILs. “It’s like a recovery pretty much. I don’t know, just hopefully we are ready and prepared for next week.’

Entries must be handed in by Wednesday morning. Even though his teams appear to have the depth to win going away, Hao said it is always a chess match.

“Boys and girls, today was kind of a mix everything up and see what we have kind of deal,” Hao said. “The team showed up today and it was awesome.”

The Baldwin girls have won nine straight MIL team titles, while the boys have won six in a row.

Seabury Hall coach Ryan Walsh is not ready to hand the trophy to the Bears without a battle. Freshmen Owen Lingenfelder won the boys 50 free for the Spartans.

Richard Nitschke (right) and Slater Fleck of Maui Preparatory Academy celebrate their first-place finish with Dylan Smart and Jonah Kirkham (not pictured) in the boys 400 freestyle relay Saturday. - The Maui News / CHRIS SUGIDONO photo

“I think just in terms of who’s going to do what can make a difference,” Walsh said. “I’m always looking at who are seniors, which teams have seniors, who is going to be graduating. … I think our future looks bright, but we’re going to go hard next week, too.”

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Saturday’s Results

At Lahaina Aquatic Center


1-meter diving–1. Skylar Lickle, Seabury Hall, 368.65; 2. Mahana Merrill, Baldwin, 352.30; 3. Kayla Newman, Baldwin, 301.10; 4. Keana Gulnac, Seabury Hall, 275.60; 5. Alysha Lia Baysa, Maui High, 268.55.

200-yard medley relay–1. Baldwin ‘B’ (Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Kylie Carter, Bailey Augustine, Jacsen Donohue) 1:58.30, 2. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 2:00.29, 3. Baldwin ‘A’ 2:04.49, 4. Maui Prep ‘A’ 2:06.03, 5. Maui High ‘A’ 2:10.10.

200 freestyle–1. Aniston Eyre, King Kekaulike, 1:54.68; 2. Kysha Altura, Maui Prep, 1:57.39; 3. Lexi Anderson, Lahainaluna, 2:02.02; 4. Paloma Banto, Maui Prep, 2:03.08; 5. Kamille Pellittieri, Seabury Hall, 2:07.77.

200 IM–1. Kaimilani Matsumoto, Baldwin, 2:11.19; 2. Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 2:18.37; 3. Jasmine O’Brien, Seabury Hall, 2:21.33; 4. Paige Nagahama, Seabury Hall, 2:26.63; 5. Madison Eiting, Seabury Hall, 2:28.32.

50 freestyle–1. Aniston Eyre, King Kekaulike, 24.52; 2. Kylie Carter, Baldwin, 25.96; 3. Paloma Banto, Maui Prep, 26.04; 4. Irie Gonah, Maui Prep, 26.40; 5. Hailey Bogar, Lahainaluna, 26.62.

100 butterfly–1. Kaimilani Matsumoto, Baldwin, 59.51; 2. Madison Eiting, Seabury Hall, 1:07.35; 3. Bailey Augustine, Baldwin, 1:08.46; 4. Nikki Zamani, Lahainaluna, 1:12.14; 5. Kaitlyn Otani-Hernandez, Maui High, 1:12.28.

100 freestyle–1. Kysha Altura, Maui Prep, 53.46; 2. Jasmine O’Brien, Seabury Hall, 56.37; 3. Kylie Carter, Baldwin, 56.46; 4. Kamille Pellittieri, Seabury Hall, 59.37; 5. Katelen Orquia, Maui High, 59.94.

500 freestyle–1. Jacsen Donohue, Baldwin, 5:58.30; 2. Eva Olson, Lahainaluna, 6:24.80; 3. Taitum Jones, King Kekaulike, 6:31.69; 4. Aryana Johnson, Seabury Hall, 7:14.54.

200 freestyle relay–1. Maui Prep ‘A’ (Paloma Banto, Noelle Sheveland, Kysha Altura, Irie Gonah) 1:45.75, 2. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 1:46.27, 3. Baldwin ‘B’ 1:48.02, 4. Baldwin ‘A’ 1:48.13, 5. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 1:48.61.

100 backstroke–1. Lexi Anderson, Lahainaluna, 1:01.24; 2. Hailey Bogar, Lahainaluna, 1:06.19; 3. Bailey Augustine, Baldwin, 1:07.24; 4. Isabella Omura, Lahainaluna, 1:08.39; 5. Rebecca Geng, Maui Prep, 1:08.70.

100 breaststroke–1. Rebecca Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 1:08.78; 2. Paige Nagahama, Seabury Hall, 1:13.44; 3. Noelle Sheveland, Maui Prep, 1:13.78; 4. Jasmine O’Brien, Seabury Hall, 1:17.77; 5. Kristi Kimura, Baldwin, 1:19.72.

400 freestyle relay–1. Maui Prep ‘A’ (Irie Gonah, Olivia Bozich, Kysha Altura, Paloma Banto) 3:51.03, 2. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 4:05.01, 3. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 4:19.07, 4. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 5:37.20.


1-meter diving–1. Benton Turner, Baldwin, 283.70; 2. Reece Kikuchi, Baldwin, 258.75.

200-yard medley relay–1. Baldwin ‘A’ (Brandon Kwock Fukuda, Declan, Kyler Castillo, Lucas Licht) 1:56.52, 2. Kamehameha Maui ‘A’ 1:56.80, 3. Maui High ‘A’ 2:00.35, 4. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 2:00.40, 5. Baldwin ‘B’ 2:07.41.

200 freestyle–1. Jaden Yip, Lahainaluna, 1:53.25; 2. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 1:58.09; 3. Aaren Orquia, Maui High, 2:03.35; 4. Tyler Chaco, Maui High, 2:12.53; 5. Hunter Higgins, Maui Prep, 2:26.46.

200 IM–1. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 2:06.07; 2. Kaeo Kaupalolo, Kamehameha Maui, 2:12.65; 3. Kendall Beam, Lahainaluna, 2:16.64; 4. Elijah Evangelista, Maui High, 2:42.09; 5. John Williamson, Kamehameha Maui, 2:43.09.

50 freestyle–1. Owen Lingenfelder, Seabury Hall, 24.03; 2. Kobe Lilio, Kamehameha Maui, 24.09; 3. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 24.11; 4. Brandon Kwock Fukuda, Baldwin, 24.39; 5. Jaden Yip, Lahainaluna, 24.45.

100 butterfly–1. Kaipo Acain, Baldwin, 57.40; 2. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 58.88; 3. Kendall Beam, Lahainaluna, 1:00.54; 4. Kazutaka Iinuma-Nakaaki, Seabury Hall, 1:07.58; 5. Declan Levin, Baldwin, 1:10.20.

100 freestyle–1. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 51.95; 2. Kobe Lilio, Kamehameha Maui, 52.08; 3. Kaeo Kaupalolo, Kamehameha Maui, 52.18; 4. Bernardo Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldiwn, 52.73; 5. Owen Lingenfelder, Seabury Hall, 53.84.

500 freestyle–1. Jaden Yip, Lahainaluna, 5:07.20; 2. Brandon Kwock Fukuda, Baldwin, 5:18.06; 3. Jerone Samari, Maui Prep, 9:43.60.

200 freestyle relay–1. Lahainaluna ‘A’ (Jordan Beam, Jaden Yip, Koa Arnold, Kendall Beam) 1:39.25, 2. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 1:41.52, 3. Maui High ‘A’ 1:42.73, 4. Baldwin ‘A’ 1:43.01, 5. Baldwin ‘B’ 1:43.33.

100 backstroke–1. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 1:01.43; 2. Kaeo Kaupalolo, Kamehameha Maui, 1:01.49; 3. Kaipo Acain, Baldwin, 1:02.15; 4. Kobe Lilio, Kamehameha Maui, 1:02.63; 5. Jordan Beam, Lahainaluna, 1:02.88.

100 breaststroke–1. Austin DeCambra, King Kekaulike, 1:00.02; 2. Jeremy Rivera, King Kekaulike, 1:16.61; 3. Keawe Mann, Kamehameha Maui, 1:17.53; 4. Bernardo Buenrostro Gallimore, Baldwin, 1:18.11; 5. Aaron Veincent, Kamehameha Maui, 1:18.20.

400 freestyle relay–1. Maui Prep ‘A’ (Richard Nitschke, Dylan Smart, Slater Fleck, Jonah Kirkham) 3:52.56, 2. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 3:55.66, 3. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 4:02.32, 4. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 4:08.30.