Rosenblad, Obley lead Na Alii to win at Koki Beach

Axel Rosenblad of King Kekaulike High School floats a section in winning the finals of the boys shortboard division Saturday at MIL surf meet No. 2 at Koki Beach. One More Photography photo

Axel Rosenblad and Miles Obley led the King Kekaulike High School boys to a dominant win at the season’s second Maui Interscholastic League surf meet Saturday at Koki Beach in Hana.

Na Alii outscored Lahainaluna 5,068-2,954 in the overhead surf. Maui Prep was third with 2,925.

Seabury Hall edged past King Kekaulike and Maui Prep to win the girls title. The Spartan girls totaled 3,570 points, with Na Alii (3,357) and Na Pueo (3,357) right behind.

King Kekaulike moved into first place overall in the boys standings while Maui Prep continues to lead the girls.

Rosenblad won in shortboard while Obley captured the bodyboard division. On Rosenblad’s highest-scoring wave, he made a couple of turns on the outside and then rode it all the way to the beach, finishing with a floater on the close-out shore break.

Madison Runyon of Lahainaluna compete Saturday.

“I pretty much got the best two waves that came in,” Rosenblad said. “That wave (his biggest score) reminded me a lot of Huntington (California), hopped all the way in and hit the section.”

Obley was second at Koki last year.

“It was a little trickier this year, a lot more fickle,” he said. “Somehow I was able to hold on and make the best of it.”

Madison Runyon of Lahainaluna won the girls shortboard division for her first MIL win.

“I didn’t see this coming, it really felt good to win,” Runyon said. “It was difficult, hard to make the sections.”

Taitum Jones of King Kekaulike compete Saturday.

Taitum Jones of King Kekaulike took the girls bodyboard division. She won a split decision over Kamehameha Maui’s Kamalei Roback.

MIL Meet No. 2

Saturday’s Results

At Koki Beach


Miles Obley of King Kekaulike compete Saturday.

Team–King Kekaulike 5,068, Lahainaluna 2,954, Maui Prep 2,925, Kamehameha Maui 2,606, Hana 1,732, Seabury Hall 1,666, Maui High 1,478, Baldwin 1,408, Haleakala Waldorf 368.

Shortboard–1. Axel Rosenblad, King Kekaulike; 2. Tony Nunez, Maui Prep; 3. Dante Silva, Maui Prep; 4. Conan Gentil, Seabury Hall; 5. Zachary Newton, Hana; 6. Seth Thompson, King Kekaulike; 7. Shane Taylor, Maui High; 8. Jackson Green, King Kekaulike; 9. Kai Jenkins, Seabury Hall.

Bodyboard–1. Miles Obley, King Kekaulike; 2. George Rocha, Lahainaluna; 3. Alex Fahland, King Kekaulike; 4. Kainoa Higashiro, Kamehameha Maui; 5. Kawai Kauhane, Lahainaluna; 6. Mark David, Lahainaluna; 7. Hunter Carpio, Baldwin; 8. Itai Holland, King Kekaulike; 9. Trae Tripple Grow, King Kekaulike.


Team–Seabury Hall 3,570, King Kekaulike 3,357, Maui Prep 3,348, Kamehameha Maui 2,360, Lahainaluna 2,082, Baldwin 1,391, Maui High 1,159, Haleakala Waldorf 590.

Shortboard–1. Madison Runyon, Lahainaluna; 2. Skyla Adriano Howard, Baldwin; 3. Skylar Lickle, Seabury Hall; 4. Tatiana Ebro, King Kekaulike; 5. Kayla McCarthy, King Kekaulike; 6. Kaya Givensal, Seabury Hall; t7. Kaya Mullen, King Kekaulike; t7. Ashley Nielson, Maui Prep; t9. Ashley Taoka, Maui High; t9. Breanna Higgs, Lahainaluna.

Bodyboard–1. Taitum Jones, King Kekaulike; 2. Kamalei Roback, Kamehameha Maui; 3. Irie Gonah, Maui Prep; 4. Ashley Taoka, Maui High; 5. Skylar Lickle, Seabury Hall; 6. Kylie Malcolm, Haleakala Waldorf; t7. Madison Runyon, Lahainaluna; t7. Jordyn Houglum, Maui Prep; 9. Kira Caterina, Seabury Hall; 10. Kaya Givensal, Seabury Hall.