Slate takes Neil Pryde pro title

MRS finale held in windiest conditions in recent memory

Peter Slate leads Mathias Pinheiro, Phil McGain and Mike Yasak in a pro division heat of the Maui Race Series Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship on Saturday at Kanaha Beach Park. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

On the windiest race day in several years, Peter Slate had the speed and stamina to win the pro division at the Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship on Saturday at Kanaha Beach Park.

The Neil Pryde was the fourth and final event of the 34th annual Maui Race Series.

Slate also won the 40-59 age group at the Goya Pro-Am in the morning racing. The Goya event was postponed last Saturday due to light wind.

What the Goya lacked in wind last week, the Neil Pryde event more than made up for with gusts of over 40 miles per hour that caused rough, bumpy conditions throughout the downwind, five-buoy course.

“Maui produced again, very windy, some challenging conditions,” Slate said. “It made for faster racing.”

Luc Guidroz leads Tony Kaku in a juniors heat during the Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Slate lost to Micah Buzianis in the Neil Pryde 40-59 age group that preceded the pro division races. Buzianis won all three heats in that age group.

“Clearly Micah had everybody’s number from the get-go,” Slate said. “He was just faster and jibing cleanly, and it was very difficult to get in front of him.”

Buzianis actually was tied with Slate in the pro division, but lost the tiebreaker because he didn’t sail in the last race.

“I was just tired, I could barely hold on in the race before that one,” Buzianis. “I was cramping a little bit in my arms, I didn’t want to push it any harder.”

“It was the windiest races I’ve ever done at Kanaha as far as strong, consistent, and steady wind,” Buzianis added. “The morning racing was really fun, still pretty manageable. I probably should have went to a smaller sail, more survival in the afternoon.”

Mark Boersma leads Jay Lee in a Goya Pro-Am men’s 19-39 heat Saturday. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Colette Guadagnino upset Tamara Bockius to win the Neil Pryde women’s division. Bockius earlier had taken the Goya women’s race. Guadagnino, a former Professional Windsurfing Association pro, hadn’t been on a raceboard since competing in Miami six years ago.

“I didn’t have any expectations,” Guadagnino said. “My goal was just to come out here and participate. It was tough conditions, I was very overpowered on the 5.6 (meter sail).”

Then she laughed.

“I guess I still got it in me, just a little out of shape,” she said.

Luc Guidroz, a Seabury Hall freshman-to-be, defeated two older international competitors to win the Goya and Neil Pryde junior titles.

Micah Buzianis leads Dan Ellis, Mathias Pinheiro and Phil McGain in a Goya Pro-Am men’s 40-59 heat. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Tony Kaku of Japan and Tomer Helzer of Germany each won heats, but Guidroz was more consistent. Later, Helzer won three heats to capture the sport fleet.

“It was super fun out there, really windy,” Guidroz said. “Everyone was overpowered, I saw a lot of people crash a lot.”

Guidroz said he thought about switching to a smaller sail.

“I was really overpowered,” he said. “But I said, ‘Okay, just man up and use the 4.5.’ “

Mark Boersma and Mike Yasak completed a sweep of their age group titles at all four MRS events. Boersma, of Grand Haven, Mich., claimed the 19-39 division while Yasak, of Kula, took the 60 and over.

Collette Guadagnino leads Tamara Bockius in a Goya Pro-Am women’s heat. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Boersma was runner-up in the Tahiti Freeride Cup two weeks ago.

“Today was the windiest day we’ve had in eight to 10 years,” he said. “Had to go to smaller gear, that was an advantage to me at the end of the day.”

Yasak edged Ben Massenburg in the Goya race, and beat Todd MacFarlane in the Neil Pryde. This is Yasak’s first year competing in the 60 and over, and his 28th year of racing in the MRS.

“I’d say it was the windiest race day we’ve ever had,” he said. “Just going in a straight line was challenging.”

Terry Alkemade of New Zealand defeated Massenburg to win the semi-pro title.



Saturday’s Results

At Kanaha Beach Park


Men 19-39–Mark Boersma 0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, Jay Lee 2-2-2–6, Jackson Holder 3-3-3–9.

Men 40-59–Peter Slate 4-2-2–8, Micah Buzianis 15-0.7-0.7–16.4, Dan Ellis 2-4-11–17, Phil McGain 15-3-4–22, Terry Alkemade 5-10-7–22, Shaun Geer 0.7-12-10–22.7, Peter John 15-5-3–23, Kevin Ozee 3-8-15–26, Mathias Pinheiro 15-7-5–27, Geoffrey Pease 15-6-6–27, Xavier Fercet 15-9-9–33, Eric Lemire 15-11-8–34.

Women–Tamara Bockius 0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, Inmi Lee 4-3-2–9, Debbie Talbot 5-2-3–10, Argentina Jimenez 3-6-4–13, Sam Bittner Wilson 6-4-5–15, Collette Guadagnino 2-9-9–20, Camille Erdman 7-5-9–21, Reika Kubota 8-9-9–26.

Juniors–Luc Guidroz 2-2-0.7–4.7, Tomer Helzer 4-0.7-2–6.7, Tony Kaku 0.7-3-3–6.7.

Men 60 and over–Mike Yasak 0.7-0.7-3–4.4, Ben Massenburg 2-2-0.7–4.7, Todd MacFarlane 3-6-4–13, Ted Hunter 7-7-2–16, Greg Thomas 4-7-7–18, Masao Hirota 5-7-7–19.

# # #


Men 19-39–Mark Boersma 0.7-2-0.7–3.4, Jay Lee 2-0.7-2–4.7, Jackson Holder 3-3-3–9.

Men 40-59–Micah Buzianis 0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, Mathias Pinheiro 3-4-3–10, Peter Slate 7-2-2–11, Phil McGain 6-3-4–13, Geoffrey Pease 5-5-5–15, Xavier Fercet 8-6-6–20, Terry Alkemade 10-7-8–25, Shaun Geer 9-10-9–28, Xavier Le Saux 11-11-7–29, Peter John 2-14-14–30, Eric Lemire 12-9-10–31, Dan Ellis 4-14-14–32, Kevin Ozee 14-8-14–36.

Women–Collette Guadagnino 0.7-0.7-2–3.4, Tamara Bockius 2-3-0.7–5.7, Inmi Lee 3-4-3–10, Debbie Talbot 4-5-5–14, Argentina Jimenez 7-2-6–15, Sam Bittner Wilson 5-7-4–16, Camille Erdman 6-6-7–19.

Juniors–Luc Guidroz 0.7-0.7-2–3.4, Tomer Helzer 3-2-0.7–5.7, Tony Kaku 2-4-4–10.

Men 60 and over–Mike Yasak 0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, Todd MacFarlane 2-3-0.2–5.2, Ted Hunter 3-4-4–11, Ben Massenburg 6-2-3–11, Masao Hirota 4-6-6–16.

Sport–Tomer Helzer 0.7-0.7-0.7-5–2.1, Sam Bittner Wilson 2-2-2-5–6, Masao Hirota 3-3-3-0.7–6.7, Camille Erdman 4-5-5-5–14.

Semi-Pro–Terry Alkemade 2-0.7-4-0.7–3.4, Ben Massenburg 0.7-2-2-3–4.7, Jackson Holder 4-3-0.7-2–5.7, Shaun Geer 3-6-3-6–12, Xavier Le Saux 5-4-6-4–13.

Pro–Peter Slate 2-0.7-2-0.7–3.4, Micah Buzianis 0.7-2-0.7-8–3.4, Peter John 2-0.7-3-2–4.7, Mathias Pinheiro 0.7-3-2-3–5.7, Mark Boersma 5-8-0.7-0.7–6.4, Phil McGain 8-2-3-2–7, Mike Yasak 3-5-5-4–12, Xavier Fercet 5-4-4-5–13, Dan Ellis 7-3-8-8–18, Kevin Ozee 3-7-8-8–18, Eric Lemire 6-6-6-8–18, Jay Lee 4-8-8-8–20, Geof Pease 8-8-8-8–24.