College workshop to help athletes set for Sunday

PUKALANI — A workshop called “College Prep 101” will be held Sunday at 4 p.m. at the King Kekaulike High School Performing Arts Center.

The workshop is free and will cover the college admissions process, athletic recruiting and scholarships.

The workshop came about after discussion this summer between King Kekaulike athletic director P.K. Higa and Pacific University senior associate director of admissions and athletic liaison Jeff Grundon.

Both men are Pacific alumni and former student-athletes at the NCAA Division III school located in Forest Grove, Ore., but the workshop is not associated with either school.

“What we’re doing is we’re just trying to offer some information to the community about recruitment, athletic recruiting, the various different scholarships that are available, and sometimes offered,” Higa said. “As well as the whole college admissions process. I think there’s a lot of voids and a lot of unknown variables sometimes.

“We as a community don’t ask certain questions and when we do find out, sometimes it’s a little too late. This is just something we put together — we want to do more of a community outreach.”

Higa said there are many landmines that parents and perspective college student-athletes need to know.

“We just want to let everybody know that, ‘Hey, this is the reality of recruiting,’ “ he said. “And along with that here’s a way that you can use colleges or universities, means of affording them, as well as educating yourself on the recruiting and the scholarship and the admission process.

“It’s not a Pacific or Kekaulike thing. We’re just trying to utilize the resources that we have. Just giving some information and, obviously, we will take questions from families, kids or whoever attends — help them out as best as we can.”

Grundon added, “It’s an opportunity for us to be of service in a little bit different way. We’re dealing with collegiate athletes and families that have all these aspirations of ‘My kid’s going to get a full ride and this is how we’re going to pay for college.’ I run into this so often, where the families really don’t understand what the processes are and how things actually work.

“So, we’re trying to just share and educate them as much as possible, whether they have a kid that’s playing Pop Warner football or they have a student that is an actual (NCAA) Division I student-athlete.”

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