Maui Paintball Hawaiian Legends event still on after fire scare

Fire blazed adjacent to the site of Maui Paintball on Friday. -- CLINT HANSEN photo

The Maui Paintball Hawaiian Legends event will go on today and Sunday despite the Olowalu brush fire coming within 300 yards of the facility on Friday.

“Everything is still going on,” Maui Paintball owner Clint Hansen said. “We definitely are still going to be doing it.”

Land adjacent to Maui Paintball was used as the staging area and landing for Maui County firefighting helicopters.

“Honestly, it’s almost like an act of God,” Hansen said. “I posted on our (web) page, ‘Fire right above Maui Paintball, please pray.’ Like right after I posted that, it was just a minute or two later, the wind shifted direction. It was just crazy. It basically saved the field. … The Maui firefighters were amazing, they were right on scene.”

Hansen said the event will include two large teams of 75 to 100 players each.

“It’s a scenario series called Living Legends,” Hansen said. “We have basically some of the big personalities in paointball coming out to play, flying in here from all over everywhere. We have people coming from California, Oahu, Oregon, Washington, and I think we’ve got a couple of east coast players coming out, too.”

It is the largest event ever held at the Maui Paintball, Hansen said.

“We have 30 control points set up,” he said. “Basically throughout the long day of scenario play, you hit those slapsticks and then we tally up those points at the end of the day. So, it’s a point-controlled system. We have 150 people, so it’ll be 75 people per team, but actually it might push 200 depending on how many walk-ons we get tomorrow.

“It’ll definitely be the biggest paintball game in Hawaii. It’s certainly the biggest that we’ve ever done.”

The teams will be locals vs. visitors.

“We have aloha print jerseys that have the fake DSLR camera on it, like you’re a full-on tourist,” Hansen said. “In addition to the slapsticks, there’s also scenario-based FedEx packages, so it’s kind of like Wilson (of the movie Castaway) being stranded on an island. We talk about some fire in it, too, so it’s a little bit of a coincidence to have a fire breaking out the day before.”

Walk-ons can compete either today or Sunday, but must be on site by 7 a.m. either day. For more information, visit

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