Versola, Cambra lead teams to wins at MIL shoot No. 5

Competitors take test shots during the standing stage at Saturday’s MIL shoot No. 5 at Kaulaheanuiokamoku Gym. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW SIMON photo

PUKALANI — With a score of 259, Venus Versola led the Maui High School girls air riflery team to the top overall score in Saturday’s Maui Interscholastic League shoot No. 5 at Kaulaheanuiokamoku Gym.

Versola finished one point in front of teammate Alexis Viloria as the Sabers posted a team score of 1,018, nearly 50 points better than host Kamehameha Maui (969).

The Sabers have finished near the top at most of this season’s shoots, and Saturday was no different in the final live shoot before the MIL championship on Oct. 13.

“Our coaches tell us we need to be strong mentally,” said Versola, who has won two meets this season. “We focus more and we try to focus on ourselves and not others. I don’t want to get intimated by others, so if I’m shooting really low, I’ll think of shooting a bulls-eye and it usually helps.”

At most meets, Sabers shooters use up almost all of the time allotted in each stage, and that’s something Maui High coach Dune Pagaduan wants.

Shooters take aim during the kneeling portion Saturday. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW SIMON photo

“I’m harping them on time management all the time,” Pagaduan said. “Just to use up the time wisely and take their time — pace themselves — rather than rush through the whole target.”

The Maui High boys also had a strong showing Saturday, putting up 953 points to finish a close second to Kamehameha Maui (958).

The Warriors’ Kody Cambra was the top overall scorer as he led Kamehameha with 263 points, rebounding from a 79 in the standing position.

“I was doing pretty good throughout the target,” Cambra said. “But, about my seventh shot in, I slipped up and shot a four. It kind of got to me, it kind of threw me off a little, but I regrouped, got back on it and finished strong for that target.”

Cambra overcame the slight mishap and shot a 91 in the kneeling portion to secure his third win this year.

Kamehameha Maui coach William Julian says it’s been a team effort the Warriors this season, and Cambra is a big part of that.

“Kody is kind of the team leader now,” Julian said. “He’s been the top scorer this year after he finished second last year to a teammate and that kind of pushed him to be more on top, and now he’s pushing his teammates to follow along also.”

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Saturday’s Results

At Kamehameha Maui



1. Maui High 374-309-346–1,018: Venus Versola 93-83-83–259; Alexis Viloria 96-72-90–258; Kamila Hera 95-72-85–252; Kaitlyn Otani-Hernandez 90-78-81–249; Taylor McCary 90-69-87–246; Angel Gragas 88-64-84–236; Jourly Versola 90-62-83–235; Jenna Payba 90-76-68–234; Tamlyn Tashiro 83-63-69–215; Jordyn Pagaduan 83-70-56–209.

2. Kamehameha Maui 359-289-327–969: Naliko Cabanilla 89-69-88–246; Bailey Ventura 92-78-73–243; Teani Kaluhikaua 88-70-83–241; Kuumana Bailey 90-72-77–239; Amoi Rutherford Storm 80-66-79–225; Nanea Ah You 84-68-62–214; Isabelle Greig 82-42-68–192; Tatiana Soon 80-46-66–192; Ku’umaka Ruidas 83-56-49–188.

3. Baldwin 362-267-318–920: Emi Sakumoto 88-69-80–237; Mia Kihara 89-66-76–231; Kaysha Villlaverde 92-53-85–230; Mikeala Kealoha 87-59-76–222; Caitlin Ramiscal 87-70-64–221; Brielle Fernandez 88-62-62–212; Malia Kaiahua-Sato 93-42-77–212; Aliyah Guico 79-62-58–199; Lexie Galam 77-47-69–193; Caitlyn Riopta 85-46-54–185.

4. Seabury Hall 336-251-315–882: Audrey Ng 87-70-82–239; Egesu Berkmen 80-76-78–234; Elena Hickey 88-50-70–208; Alara Berkmen 80-55-66–201; Dyani Pierner 72-49-76–197; Sierra Lewis 80-49-66–195; Alana Battad 80-45-69–194; Linda Schmitt 64-40-79–183; Genevive Chin 81-34-33–148.

5. King Kekaulike 320-227-280–827: Keauli’iokalani Nagata 90-83-81–254; Katebel Jose 93-59-88–240; Jaylynn Poaipuni 74-49-58–181; Alexis Camara 63-36-53–152.

6. Molokai 258-186-224–668: Maria Angst 86-63-81–230; Melody Kaili-Kalua 87-62-77–226; Malia Keanini 85-61-66–212.

7. St. Anthony 223-164-197–584: Brianna Leval 75-79-74–228; Fiona McGrath 84-63-78–225; Randi Ouye 64-22-45–131.

8. Hana 46-41-33–120: Marley Moeai 46-41-33–120.


1. Kamehameha Maui 352-293-321–958: Kody Cambra 93-79-91–263; Joshua Grant 86-84-81–251; Gabriel Arcas 86-71-78–235; Koalele Spencer 79-59-71–209; Coian Hett 87-58-62–207; Jaston Patao 64-58-70–192.

2. Maui High 367-282-319–953: Jordan Shim 92-77-78–247; Joshua Cui 88-78-78–244; Dane Payba 89-63-82–234; Jordan Tavares 89-62-77–228; Ronel Yadao 88-63-75–226; Evan Aquinde 93-50-81–224; Davin Toguchi 93-64-67–224; Issac Olsen 79-59-71–209; Bryan Pontanilla 74-49-71–194.

3. Baldwin 347-262-328–920: Chandler Tumaneng 87-74-78–239; Ryder Castro 88-63-85–236; Reece Ugalino 86-59-84–229; Aaron Nakamura 84-63-69–216; Makalii Sequeira 85-44-81–210; Daniel Garcia 79-62-68–209; Charles Duarte 78-59-69–206; Jaden Pladera 84-53-68–205; Cobby Carino 86-50-65–201; Jarin Tateishi 68-62-52–182.

4. King Kekaulike 354-225-306–885: Xaden Nishimitsu 93-76-82–251; Justin Kawamura 94-59-87–240; Kapono Mossman 89-68-74–231; Jonathan Lane 78-22-63–163.

5. Seabury Hall 299-195-259–745: Bryce Tarpey 83-63-78–224; Max Balter 72-49-72–193; Austin Lugo 80-42-44–166; Barrett Barnard 64-39-59–162; Tyler Taguchi 61-41-50–152.

6. Molokai 182-133-148–463: Gavin Makekau 96-72-76–244; Charles Kamai-Cacpal 86-61-72–219.

7. St. Anthony 146-121-146–413: Max McGrath 71-69-77–217; Michael Vergel de Dios 75-52-69–196.

8. Hana 59-49-64–172: Kayden Kaauamo 59-49-64–172.