Ting notches two-stroke win at Maui Women’s Golf Tournament

Desiree Ting follows through on her tee shot on Maui Country Club’s 10th hole during Saturday’s Josh and Souk Jerman Maui Women’s Golf Championship. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

SPRECKELSVILLE — Desiree Ting has lost count of how many times she has won the Josh and Souk Jerman Maui Women’s Golf Championship, but she knows it never gets old.

Ting fired a 3-over-par 75 on Saturday to win the championship flight of the 85th annual event at Maui Country Club. Her playing partners in the championship flight foursome, Lisa Judge, Mia Hew and Annette Gaiotti, all finished tied for second at 77.

The Spereckelsville tradewinds were gusting hard on Saturday, Ting estimated more than 20 mph.

“I love the wind, so, yeah, I was happy with that 75,” said the former Baldwin High School and University of Hawaii standout. “We had a great time with Lisa, Mia and Annette.”

While Ting, who graduated from UH in 2000, has a great time playing with Judge, Hew and Gaiotti, she marvels at the level of young female players on the island now.

Lisa Judge tees off on No. 10 as Desiree Ting looks on. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

From former Baldwin and Oregon standout Cassy Isagawa, who is now the Bears’ boys coach, to Maui High senior and Pepperdine University signee Reese Guzman, a two-time state runner-up, Ting sees the sport as way ahead of what it was on Maui in her younger days. Lana Calibuso-Kwee, a Baldwin sophomore, has also caught Ting’s eye.

Those three were busy at the Maui Interscholastic League individual tournament on Saturday in Wailea.

“They’re awesome, I got to play with a bunch of them about six months ago, and, wow,” Ting said. “I’m glad I’m not competing against them.”

She was competing in a tight group on Saturday. Judge was even par through 14 holes until she ran into trouble on No. 15.

“As a Maui Country Club member, we’re used to playing the wind,” Judge said. “It came in and out and also the rain came in and out, so it was challenging out there.”

Annette Gaiotti hits her tee shot on No. 10. -- The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

Judge said the championship flight foursome know each other well, but the competition was still in the air. Judge noted that the tournament draws veterans each and every year, including 94-year-old Roselle Armitage.

“It was really good golf today, we respect each other a lot,” Judge said. “So it was very congenial, we were cheering each other on. We just want everybody to play their best golf. I had one bad hole that took me out of it. … It was a very competitive golf outing. We all know where everybody is (score wise), absolutely.”

Hew and Judge are both former champions of the event.

“We have fun because we all try hard in the wind and rain,” Hew said. “It’s really good fun. We make each other better when we play together. We’ve been playing together for a long time.”

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Saturday’s Results

At Maui Country Club

Championship flight

Champion–Desi Ting 75.

1. Mia Hew 77, 2. Lisa Judge 77, 3. Annette Gaiotti 77.

A flight

1. Lynn Eash-Otake 85, 2. Yoshiko Rawson 86, 3. Beth Thompson SGF 86.

B Flight

1. Amy Wines 88, 2. Jan Teruya 88, 3. Gwen KauhaaPo 89.

C flight

1. Ann Bradley 92, 2. Jeannine Carr 93, 3. Janelle Miller 94.

D flight

1. Ellen Harris 99, 2. Carol McKinney 100, 3. Judy Simpson 104.

Closest to the pin–No. 3: Beth Thompson 6-6, Laurel Shelton 6-6 1/2. No. 16: Candy Tom 22-4, Hadimi Hiraga both 22-4.