Stewart takes second straight Ole title

Kaniela Stewart of Honolulu heads to a second straight open men’s title at the Ole Longboard Classic on Saturday at Launiupoko Park. 1MORE PHOTOGRAPHY photos

Two Honolulu teenagers captured the open divisions once again at the 26th annual Ole Longboard Classic on Saturday at Launiupoko Park.

Kaniela Stewart repeated as the open men champion while Mahina Akaka captured the open women and junior women titles. Last year’s open women champion, Kelis Kaleopaa, was a late scratch.

Stewart has been riding a swell of longboard victories since his win last year at the Ole. The 18-year-old has won prestigious contests in Australia, Mexico, Portugal and Oahu, and will be traveling to Galicia, Spain, next week for a World Surf League event, the Galicia Longboard Classic.

The open men was the biggest division with 36 competitors.

“I love it here,” Stewart said. “There are always waves, doesn’t matter big or small everybody is always having fun.”

Open women and junior women champion Mahina Akaka of Honolulu places five over the nose.

On Stewart’s second wave of the final, he set his rail and hung 10 toes over the nose of his board across the outside section. Then after cutting back, he ran to the nose and turned and hung his heels over the nose before finishing with another nose ride. All three judges gave him a 9.0, the highest score of the event.

“I was watching the whole contest, a lot of people were hanging 10, some people were trying to hang heels,” Stewart said. “I kind of decided on one of my good waves, I would go for it. It was kind of toward the end (of my ride), just decided to go for the heels.”

Alika Apo of Kula, the 30-39 age group winner, was second, and seven-time champion Kekaula Campbell of Wailuku was third. Campbell won the 40-49 age division.

“All these (Maui) guys are so good,” Stewart said. “I surf with them when they come to Oahu, I surf with them when I come here, we’re all good friends. It’s always fun surfing with them.”

Akaka won the USA Surfing national longboard U18 title in June in Oceanside, Calif., and will also surf in the Galicia contest. The 17-year-old was competing in the Ole for the first time. This is the fourth straight year an Oahu surfer has captured the open women title.

Menehune champion Zolten Poulsen of Lahaina steps to the nose.

“I’m glad to represent Oahu and keep that going,” Akaka said. “I practice and train a lot, mostly surf Diamond Head, Sandbar, Bowls, Kewalos, my main four.”

“Today was awesome, it was so much fun,” Akaka said. “The waves were small but good conditions, clean. I loved it.”

Akaka was actually trailing 12-year-old Chrislyn Simpson-Kane of Paia with less than a minute left in the finals. Akaka’s smooth cross-stepping style was just enough to move ahead of Simpson-Kane with her last wave.

“I knew I needed another score,” Akaka said. “I know that time was definitely ticking. It was a buzzer-beater, I paddled for my life. It was definitely hard competition. Everyone is very talented at longboarding.”

Auggie Constantino of Lahaina was a double winner, claiming the 50-59 division for the second straight year, and pairing with Zoe Silva to win the tandem.

Lahaina’s Auggie Constantino and Zoe Silva win the tandem division.

Michael Von Hohenstein of Honolulu kept his good friend Stewart from being a double champion, edging him 14.37-14.14 in the junior men final.

Zolten Poulsen of Lahaina won the menehune, the second largest division with 30 competitors. Other champions included Makoa Akana of Lahaina (juniors), Zack Myers of Honolulu (19-29), Mickey Ester of Huntington Beach, Calif., (60 and over), Jessica Damasco of Wailuku (aunties), and Kawika Kinimaka of Lahaina (Ole board).


Ole Longboard Classic

Saturday’s Results

At Launiupoko Park

Open men–1. Kaniela Stewart, Honolulu, 15.67; 2. Alika Apo, Kula, 15.40; 3. Kekaula Campbell, Wailuku, 14.33; 4. Zack Myers, Honolulu, 14.17; 5. Zane Schweitzer, Lahaina, 12.70; 6. Mau Ah Hee, Lahaina, 11.17.

Open women–1. Mahina Akaka, Honolulu, 11.84; 2. Chrislyn Simpson-Kane, Paia, 11.53; 3. Lindsay Takekawa, Wailuku, 10.37; 4. Makoa Ah Sam, Wailuku, 9.33; 5. Carmen Lemire, Lahaina, 9.10; 6. Ashley Taoka, Kihei, 8.23.

Menehune (10 and under)–1. Zolten Poulsen, Lahaina, 15.40; 2. Kahlil Pineres-Schooley, Makawao, 11.47; 3. Sebastian Bianchi, Paia, 10.93; 4. Conner Beaver, Kihei, 8.03; 5. T.J. Hehemann, Lahaina, 7.74; 6. Kingston Panebianco, Paia, 7.60.

Juniors (11-13)–1. Makoa Akana, Lahaina, 15.10; 2. Chrislyn Simpson-Kane, Paia, 13.34; 3. Tamryn Taoka, Kihei, 10.77; 4. Chase Burnes, Paia, 8.27; 5. Jack Howard, Paia, 8.26; 6. Teiva Keomaniboth, Paia, 6.43.

Junior men (14-18)–1. Michael Von Hohenstein, Honolulu, 14.37; 2. Kaniela Stewart, Honolulu, 14.14; 3. Kai Claydon, Lahaina, 12.03; 4. Ethan Speltz, Honolulu, 11.63; 5. Ty Simpson-Kane, Paia, 10.23; 6. Kahanu Cuban, Honolulu, 7.87.

Junior women (14-18)–1. Mahina Akaka, Honolulu, 16.50; 2. Ashley Taoka, Kihei, 12.57; 3. Chloe Domingo, Kihei, 9.84; 4. Taitum Jones, Haiku, 9.17; 5. Kira Caterina, Kihei, 7.53; 6. Gabriella Bella, Wailuku, 6.83.

19-29–1. Zack Myers, Honolulu, 15.33; 2. Miles Serafica, Haiku, 13.00; 3. Rycin Pavao, Kahului, 10.63; 4. Kyra Duldulao, Wailuku, 8.54; 5. Travis Baptiste, Kihei, 8.20; 6. Lindsay Takekawa, Wailuku, 4.00.

30-39–1. Alika Apo, Kula, 14.90; 2. Mau Ah Hee, Lahaina, 14.36; 3. Eric Casco, Lahaina, 14.27; 4. Kalei Kauhane, Lahaina, 12.57; 5. Keoni Duey, Wailuku, 11.16; 6. Jonah Dayoan, Wailuku, 10.36.

40-49–1. Kekaula Campbell, Wailuku, 15.33; 2. Cade Duldulao, Wailuku, 12.43; 3. Joe Barone, Lahaina, 9.90; 4. Truman Taoka, Kihei, 9.44; 5. Ryan Schooley,Makawao, 8.63; 6. Joey MacDonald, Paia, 3.33.

50-59–1. Auggie Constantino, Lahaina, 9.53; 2. Kevin Craddock, Kihei, 9.44; 3. Marcy Martin, Paia, 9.33; 4. David Wilson, Imperial, California, 8.54; 5. Mark Spencer, Kihei, 6.73; 6. Bruce Baptiste, Kihei, 5.60.

60 and over–1. Mickey Ester, Huntington Beach, California, 11.43; 2. Tomi Tsuda, Lahaina, 10.94; 3. Barry Brown, Lahaina, 9.70; 4. Jeff Lackey, Paia, 8.63; 5. Abraham Ah Hee, Lahaina, 8.60; 6. Curtis Yong, Kihei.

Aunties (35 and over)–1. Jessica Damasco, Wailuku, 13.74; 2. Mahea Ah Hee, Kahului, 12.63; 3. Carmen Lemire, Lahaina, 11.37; 4. Marcy Martin, Paia, 9.63; 5. Tami Duldulao, Wailuku, 8.10; 6. Liz Wilson, Lahaina, 7.07.

Ole Board–1. Kawika Kinimaka, Lahaina, 14.80; 2. Eric Casco, Lahaina, 13.67; 3. Kalei Kauhane, Lahaina, 13.17; 4. J.P. Kaleopaa, Honolulu, 10.90; 5. Zolten Poulsen, Lahaina, 9.46; 6. Makoa Akana, Lahaina, 9.07.

Tandem–1. Auggie Constantino and Zoe Silva, Lahaina, 16.23; 2. Anja Liotta, Haiku and Shia Boverman, Paia, 13.60; 3. Zane Schweitzer, Lahaina and Marshall Panebianco, Paia, 12.50; 4. Nora and Makai Liotta, Haiku, 10.17; 5. Dan and Desmond Connelly, Paia, 8.23; 6. Rudy and Coco Castorina, Paia.


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