Valley Isle Scoreboard

The Kaanapali Beach Hotel crew, along with the Auwahi Wind and Kaanapali Beach Resort Association, make their way down Kauai’s South Coast during the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association race on Saturday. It was the final race of the season, which started on Maui in June. Before the races started this year, the HSCA voyaged to Kahoolawe for a day of volunteer work. Katie Stephens photo

Sailing Canoes

Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association

Saturday’s Results

Kalapaki Beach to Kekaha Harbor, 29 miles along Kauai’s South Coast

1. Maui Jim, Capt. Donnie Jones, 2:22:17; 2. Hui Nalu Canoe Club, Capt. Jamie Brown, 2:23:48; 3. Olukai, Capt. Marvin Otsuji, 2:24:36; 4. Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Capt. Ray Glauser, 2:26:05; 5. Auwahi Wind, Capt. Ikaika Kincaid, 2:29:34; 6. Holopuni, Capt. Nick Beck, 2:57:51; 7. Holopuni Vikings, Capt. Todd Sandvold 3;03:09; 8. Kaanapali Beach Resort Association, (DNF).



Sunday’s Results

At Maui Bowling Center

Standings–Cindy/Toy 37, Celine/Jr 34, Tani/Kimo 34, Karen/Ken 34, Vicky/Eddie 33, Ipo/Odell 33, Carmen/Brian 33, Bernie/Ricky 32, Francine/Harvey 24.

High series (handicap)–Celine Belanger 632, George Toyama 622, Tani Kenyon 610, Brian DePonte 604, Eddie Damaso 601, Cindy Torres 601.


Tuesday’s Results

At Maui Bowling Center

Standings–Celine’s 36.5, Dale’s 31, Mary’s 27, Cindy’s 25.5, Lee’s 25, Sandy’s 23.

High series (handicap)–Cindy Torres 710, Lee Kuhaulua 668, Patsy Kaeo 622, Celine Belanger 606.

High games (scratch)–Cindy Torres 244, Lee Kuhaulua 209.


Triple X Golf Group

Saturday’s Results

At Wailea Emerald Course

Low net–Front: Dave Ward 34; Back: Dan Cimino 34; Overall: Dan Cimino 71.

Closest to the hole–No. 3: Sam Cimino; No. 8: Jeff Cocker; No. 13: Dave Ward; No. 16: Dan Cimino.

Skins–Dave Ward 4, Sam Cimino 3, Dan Cimino, Jeff Cocker.


Sunday’s Results

At Maui Nui Golf Club

Aces–A flight: TJ Fuentes; B flight: Tan Brauns.

Low net–A flight: TJ Fuentes 62, Roy Aipa 63, Rowell Prieto 68, Zac Kekona 71; B flight: Tan Brauns 60, Perry Yadao 68, Troy Abrew 70, Tyga Felicilda 72, Kale Kanno 72.

Closest to the pin–No. 3: Roy Aipa, Troy Abrew; No. 7: Zac Kekona; No. 12: Rowell Prieto, Troy Abrew; Nos. 14, 17: Roy Aipa.


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