Ryden, Shields edge teammates to win MIL cross country crowns

Seabury Hall teammates Kallalei Ryden and Kaylee Volner lead early in Saturday’s MIL girls championship race at Seabury. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photos

OLINDA — It came down to a neck-and-neck sprint on the homestretch, Seabury Hall teammates Kallalei Ryden and Kaylee Volner racing for the Maui Interscholastic League girls cross country crown.

In the end, Ryden came from behind over the last 100 meters to beat out Volner on their home course Saturday, winning with a time of 19 minutes, 49.12 seconds, just under three seconds ahead of Volner (19:52.10).

“I was just thinking about how it’s my senior year and we’re on the home course, and I started my freshman year out winning JV champs here,” Ryden said. “So I just wanted to finish it and bookmark it.”

At the end of the day, it’s the pair’s friendly competition that has helped them improve each week as they prepare for the HHSAA/Honolulu Marathon Cross County Championships, which will be held next Saturday on this same Seabury course.

“I’m a little tired, but definitely proud because everybody is already in,” sophomore Volner said while keeping an eye on the finish chute. “I think we got a really good team score, and right now, the team is the most important. … I definitely wanted to pull off the win, but I’m so proud of Kallalei and be able to watch my teammate take it, and this is how the competition will be at states.”

Maui High’s Hunter Shields wins the boys championship race.

The Spartans had five runners finish in the top 10, securing the team’s 14th consecutive MIL team championship with 20 points.

“Congratulations to the two of them for pushing each other all year and then the race to make each other better,” Seabury coach Bobby Grossman said. “Our goal is to be the hardest working team of any sport in the state, and create that standard year to year.”

King Kekaulike was second overall and first in Division I with 62 points, and Baldwin followed with 83.

“We’ve had quite a few injuries this season but I’m so glad they all came together and pushed their hardest,” Ryden said. “We’ve definitely been looking at all the statistics and seeing where we have to finish, but I think everyone has been pretty motivated to do their best.”

In the boys competition, Maui High’s Hunter Shields, Damon Wakefield and Adam Hakola did what they’ve done all season — claim the top three spots.

This weekend, junior Shields claimed the gold, finishing with a time of 16:04.98 to capture his first MIL individual championship title.

“I felt pretty tired, but I just pushed the last, maybe with like the three-quarters of a mile left in the race, and it worked out,” said Shields, who was named the Gatorade Hawaii Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year last season. “It’s amazing to have your teammates there to push with you every day at practice and every race.

“We’re trying our best and we’re going to push until the end of the season,” he added.

Wakefield (16:13.22) followed closely in second and Hakola (16:44.97) came in third. The two won MILs last year and in 2017, respectively.

Shields mentioned how he will miss his senior teammates, as they have been his close workout partners and competitors throughout his high school career.

“Training over the years with them has been fun,” he said. “It’s going to be hard to do it without them.”

But first, there’s next week’s state championship, where Maui High will be defending its Division I state crown.

“They’re not just good runners, they’re good people, and how proud of that I am. They just work so hard for each other,” Maui High coach Jared Welch said of his top trio. “Adam has grown to be the heart and soul of the team, Hunter who has continued to put in the effort to see what he can do, and Damon who came last year (from Maui Prep) and brought the team to a whole other level.”

The Sabers, who had four runners in the top 10, defended their MIL crown with 29 points. Seabury Hall was second overall and the D-II winner with 39 points, and Maui Prep was third with 117.

“What’s gotten us to today and to this point is the relationship with them and their trust in us,” Welch said. “We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the kids who are giving it their all.”

* Dakota Grossman is at dgrossman@mauinews.com.


MIL Cross Country Championships

Saturday’s Results

At Seabury Hall


Team–1. Maui High 29, 2. Seabury Hall 39, 3. Maui Prep 117, 4. King Kekaulike 135, 5. Baldwin 142, 6. Molokai 144, 7. Kihei Charter 144, 8. Lanai 184.

Individual–1. Hunter Shields, Maui High, 16:04.98; 2. Damon Wakefield, Maui High, 16:13.22; 3. Adam Hakola, Maui High, 16:44.97; 4. Kai Merrill, Seabury, 17:20.99; 5. Marcus Kamakaiwi, King Kekaulike, 17:24.79; 6. Ka’eo Keomaka, Seabury, 17:27.05; 7. Colton Baldwin, Seabury, 17:30.36; 8. Ozzie Doherty, Maui Prep, 17:32.73; 9. Connor Kong, Maui High, 17:33.40; 10. Gabe Frampton, Seabury, 17:41.23; 11. Ansel Newman, King Kekaulike, 18:00.22; 12. Louie Smith, Seabury, 18:03.77; 13. Quinn Shapiro, Kihei Charter, 18:09.32; 14. Drezen Feliciano, Maui High, 18:10.47; 15. Jared Cantere, Maui High, 18:14.91; 16. Shane Behn, Kihei Charter, 18:17.19; 17. Parker Churchill, Seabury, 18:17.56; 18. Cole Davidson, Seabury, 18:37.79; 19. Davin Giron, Maui High, 18:44.65; 20. Robert Mawae, Molokai, 18:50.24; 21. Jonah Kirkham, Maui Prep, 19:01.41; 22. Drew Triplett, Maui Prep, 19:09.34; 23. Jayden Fontanilla, Baldwin, 19:09.66; 24. Namaka Ross, Molokai, 19:16.92; 25. Johann Flores, Lahainaluna, 19:20.92; 26. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 19:25.99; 27. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 19:26.79; 28. Archie Aurelio, Baldwin, 19:46.74; 29. Kamalu Kaawa-Richardson, Molokai, 19:58.23; 30. Keola Eldredge, Baldwin, 19:58.64; 31. Nixon Moffett, Lahainaluna, 20:08.18; 32. Pohaku Kepler, Kihei Charter, 20:09.22; 33. Francis Cendana, Baldwin, 20:31.21; 34. Osean Ahyou-Harvet, King Kekaulike, 20:39.87; 35. Mark Key Ambe, Lanai, 20:43.98; 36. Jacob Janikowski, Lanai, 20:58.35; 37. Christian Oliva, Lanai, 21:09.23; 38. Keanu Eldredge, Baldwin, 21:22.08; 39. Ashton Greenleaf, Molokai, 21:23.72; 40. Justice Perreira-Aquino, Lahainaluna, 21:28.70; 41. Kamaheu Ward, Molokai, 21:33.46; 42. Riley Satovich, Kihei Charter, 21:39.29; 43. Nathan Amby, Lanai, 21:42.99; 44. Akili Pule-Albino, Molokai, 21:55.08; 45. Jimmy Falk, Maui Prep, 21:56.44; 46. Harrison Cramond, Maui Prep, 22:03.03; 47. Camden Eyre, King Kekaulike, 22:04.06; 48. Matthew Takakura, Baldwin, 22:28.12; 49. Daniel Tongson, St. Anthony, 22:28.94; 50. Colton Decoite, King Kekaulike, 22:35.38; 51. Mark Ruaburo, Lanai, 22:37.73; 52. Lucas Engh, Baldwin, 22:46.12; 53. David Florez, Kihei Charter, 22:51.67; 54. Devin Andaluz, Kihei Charter, 23:20.98; 55. Kendrew Olboc, Kihei Charter, 24:21.54; 56. Jack Driscoll, King Kekaulike, 25:09.71; 57. Owen Svetin, Molokai, 25:37.79; 58. Riley Ambrose, St. Anthony, 25:38.60; 59. Owali Moeai, Hana, 25:42.44.


Team–1. Seabury Hall 20, 2. King Kekaulike 62, 3. Baldwin 83, 4. Maui High 89, 5. Kihei Charter 128, 6. Maui Prep 166, 7. Molokai 177, 8. Lanai 196.

Individual–1. Kallalei Ryden, Seabury, 19:49.12; 2. Kaylee Volner, Seabury, 19:52.10; 3. Madelyn Dougherty, King Kekaulike, 20:58.91; 4. Rio Imperato, Seabury, 21:08.11; 5. Priana Dugied, Seabury, 21:16.30; 6. Sarah Pease, King Kekaulike, 21:24.29; 7. Hailey Cardon, Lahainaluna, 21:47.10; 8. Julia Knowles, Baldwin, 21:49.58; 9. Elly Swartz, Seabury, 22:01.83; 10. Drayton Ruppenthal, Maui High, 22:10.50; 11. Makena Stevenson, Maui High, 22:32.43; 12. Charlotte O’Brien, Kihei Charter, 22:34.81; 13. Shelby Kubo, Baldwin, 22:40.35; 14. Ellie Shapiro, Kihei Charter, 22:46.15; 15. Lily Dugan, King Kekaulike, 22:49.79; 16. Lily Mcleod, Seabury, 22:57.33; 17. Teyanna Johnson, Maui High, 23:06.98; 18. Erin Kobashigawa, Baldwin, 23:12.54; 19. Mia Kamakaiwi, King Kekaulike, 23:17.39; 20. Kailani Bicoy, Molokai, 23:21.80; 21. Amy Joy Schmitt, Baldwin, 23:31.08; 22. Emma Ayresman, King Kekaulike, 23:34.38; 23. Ava Merrill, Maui Prep, 23:35.89; 24. Queences Manuel, Lanai, 23:47.27; 25. Therize Millare, Maui High, 23:53.59; 26. Angel Dela Cruz, St. Anthony, 23:59.89; 27. Teani Arakawa, King Kekaulike, 24:17.95; 28. Mia Merrill, Maui Prep, 24:23.97; 29. Jenna Boggs, Baldwin, 24:27.33; 30. Devon Hardy, King Kekaulike, 24:27.84; 31. Kelsey Hendricks, Kihei Charter, 24:32.24; 32. Hi’e Luna-Beamer, Maui High, 24:35.72; 33. Taylor Macias, Maui High, 24:45.54; 34. Lily Werner, Kihei Charter, 25:01.08; 35. Leilyn McComas, Molokai, 25:20.29; 36. Elizabeth Thibaudeau, Seabury, 25:20.96; 37. Jasmine Molina, Lanai, 25:23.86; 38. Keeya Bicoy, Molokai, 25:25.54; 39. Amaya Hoopii Baptista, Lanai, 25:36.21; 40. Ashley Nielson, Maui Prep, 25:42.11; 41. Beatriz Aliaga, Maui Prep, 25:46.43; 42. Anela Maier, Baldwin, 25:47.03; 43. Olivia Bozich, Maui Prep, 25:47.41; 44. Fernanda Maldonado, Baldwin, 25:52.17; 45. Arabella Silao, Lahainaluna, 25:59.09; 46. Carine Bleasdell, Kihei Charter, 27:14.15; 47. Alana Morris, Molokai, 27:38.75; 48. Skylar Kuahuia, Molokai, 28:01.49; 49. Mallory Go, Molokai, 28:04.08; 50. Sydney Snyder, Maui Prep, 28:16.35; 51. Kaualea Helm, Molokai, 28:29.27; 52. Audrey Barth, Kihei Charter, 28:58.25; 53. Jayvie Ballesteros, Lanai, 30:48.19; 54. Mary Claire Manuel, Lanai, 31:31.30; 55. Elisa Esquivel, Kihei Charter, 32:23.95.


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