MIL swimmers look to bounce back with state meet at home

Anderson, Eyre back for senior seasons; underclassmen making splash

Lahainaluna High School’s Lexi Anderson wins the girls 100-yard butterfly at MIL meet No. 3 on Saturday at Lahaina Aquatic Center. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photos

LAHAINA — During Maui Interscholastic League meet No. 3, Lexi Anderson could see talent across the drawing board.

After the MIL didn’t have as strong of a state showing last year as it had had in previous years, the Lahainaluna High School senior says that the swimmers of the Valley Isle are on the upswing.

“We have some really strong competitors, we definitely have some good freshman coming up,” Anderson said after winning the girls 100-yard butterfly in 1 minute, 0.83 seconds on Saturday afternoon at the Lahaina Aquatic Center. “They’re all pretty fast so they will do pretty good at states, and you know, obviously we have had the same few girls that have been here, we have really good girls on Maui. Boys are still up there. It will be really fun to see how it all turns out.”

In the meantime, the 2018 100 fly state champ is focused on feeling healthy and fit while dealing with tendonitis in her shoulder. Anderson said she’s been incorporating physical therapy into her training and compensating at the MIL meets by doing “lots and lots of kicking.”

“I’ve been keeping myself in aerobic shape so that I can still swim fast and just bear through some pain when I race,” she said. “MILs I’m just looking for close to my best times and when it comes to states, I’m hoping to shoot for a championship title. Just trying to get my 100 fly, trying to win that and you know, senior year, on my island.”

The Lunas’ Jayden Yip wins the boys 100 fly.

King Kekaulike senior Aniston Eyre is also excited to see the MIL grow, as she has already watched her Na Alii squad “triple in size” since her freshman year.

“This is a really exciting season being that it’s my senior year and my high school team has grown a lot in the last four years I’ve been here, so it’s exciting to have a team that’s ready to cheer and swim fast, and we have some really good relay teams as well,” said Eyre, who won the 50 freestyle (25.22) and the 100 free (54.99) Saturday. “I’d love to finish up my high school career by winning the 50 free at MIL champs and that will be a four-year title for me and also just finish up the season with a lot of spirit, enough to keep it going for when I’ll be gone next year, and just have a really energetic states.

“I’m really going to miss all the competitors from Maui, it’s a really unique place to get to swim and train and grow up.”

Eyre also helped propel the King Kekaulike girls’ 400 freestyle relay team to a win in 4:00.38.

Although it’s still early in the season, she looks forward to the extra energy that will be brought to the K. Mark Takai Swimming and Diving State Championships at the Kihei Aquatic Center, Feb. 14-15.

Maui Prep’s Mathew Iverson looks toward the coaches area after winning the boys 50 freestyle Saturday.

Last year, Eyre was one of the top MIL competitors at states as the league left Oahu without a gold. She finished second in both the 50 and 100 freestyles after having won the state title in the 50 and taking silver in the 100 in 2018, when MIL girls tallied six golds at Kihei.

“I think we have a strong reputation of really being able to go above and beyond when we have states in our own pool, and I know that’s not the defining factor but it definitely brings all the Maui swimmers together as an island, as opposed to just individual teams, so I think we’ll be able to really take home some wins at states,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to that because there will be lots of spirit and energy coming from Maui as a whole.”

Both Anderson and Eyre will be continuing their swim careers in college, Anderson at San Diego State and Eyre at Columbia.

Maui High coach Reid Yamamoto said that the MIL could be in for big performances this year.

“Having states here is always a big thing, we don’t have to travel and the kids can sleep in their own beds,” he said. “I think the MIL has always been really strong statewide, you know, last year’s was kind of difficult but hopefully this year we’ll bring it back and see what happens.”

Maui High’s Aaren Orquia wins the boys 200 individual medley.

Junior Jordynn Brown, Maui High’s top state finalist from last year as a silver and bronze medalist, finished first in the 500 free (5:16.14), 100 backstroke (1:00.76) and the 100 breaststroke (1:10.94) on Saturday.

“So far we’re looking alright, they just came off some hard training a couple weeks ago, so the first week back after having some time off, so it’s just about working out the cobwebs and everything,” Yamamoto said of his team. “I think they’re all excited for this year to see what can happen. Girls, we’ve picked up some freshman. We have returners. Boys, you know, we lost a couple kids but it’s pretty much the same team, so we’ll just see what happens this year.”

In the boys competition, several coaches said to keep an eye on Maui Prep freshman Mathew Iverson and sophomore Carl Vincent McNabb of Baldwin, which has captured eight consecutive MIL championship titles; the girls team has 11.

McNabb won the 100 free in 50.41 to edge Kamehameha Maui junior Kaeo Kaupalolo (50.96).

Na Pueo coach Mike “Tex” Ritter said Iverson is a “rising superstar.” Iverson finished the swim meet with wins in the 50 free (23.33) and 200 free (1:51.49), and helped Maui Prep win the 200 and 400 free relays.

Seabury Hall’s Helena Coletta swims the freestyle leg while winning the girls 200 IM.

“I’ve definitely been putting in the work to try and get my best times, but haven’t been doing as well as I want to, mainly because we just had our break, but I’m still trying to improve my times as we go,” Iverson said. “Coach Tex has been a huge help towards helping me break school records and stuff, so I’ve been super focused on setting the records.”

* Dakota Grossman is at dgrossman@mauinews.com.


MIL Meet No. 3

Saturday’s Results

At Kihei Aquatic Center


Team–1. Seabury Hall 58, 2. Maui High 52, 3. King Kekaulike 45, 4. Lahainaluna 35, 5. Baldwin 31, 6. Maui Prep 12, 7. Kamehameha Maui 1.

1-meter diving–1. Summer Coronesi, Maui High, 190.10; 2. Keana Gulnac, Seabury Hall, 178.65; 3. Devon Hardy, King Kekaulike, 159.80; 4. Kylie Ginoza, Maui High, 132.70; 5. Julia Jansen, Seabury Hall, 129.50.

200-yard medley relay–1. Seabury Hall ‘A’ (Helena Colletta, Kamille Pellettieri, Madison Eiting, Kalla Pellettieri) 1:58.20, 2. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 1:59.50, 3. Baldwin ‘A’ 2:03.40, 4. Maui High ‘A’ 2:18.39, 5. Maui Prep ‘A’ 2:18.66.

200 freestyle–1. Kamille Pellettieri, Seabury Hall, 2:01.61; 2. Paloma Banto, Maui Prep, 2:02.67; 3. Ryli Cherry, Lahainaluna, 2:09.35; 4. Li’a Vanderpoel, King Kekaulike, 2:09.87; 5. Olivia Bozich, Maui Prep, 2:17.28.

200 IM–1. Helena Colletta, Seabury Hall, 2:19.40; 2. Yuna Lee, Lahainaluna, 2:22.43; 3. Afton Page, King Kekaulike, 2:24.65; 4. Mia Merrill, Maui Prep, 2:32.95; 5. Charie Salacup, Maui High, 2:38.80.

50 freestyle–1. Aniston Eyre, King Kekaulike, 25.22; 2. Kylie Carter, Baldwin, 25.80; 3. Li’a Vanderpoel, King Kekaulike, 26.53; 4. Karissa Ginoza, Maui High, 26.70; 5. Maria King, Baldwin, 26.85.

100 butterfly–1. Lexi Anderson, Lahainaluna, 1:00.83; 2. Helena Colletta, Seabury Hall, 1:03.84; 3. Maria King, Baldwin, 1:04.89; 4. Keanna Campbell, Baldwin, 1:07.11; 5. Cami Nakagawa, Kamehameha Maui, 1:10.69.

100 freestyle–1. Aniston Eyre, King Kekaulike, 54.99; 2. Kamille Pellettieri, Seabury Hall, 57.32; 3. Karissa Ginoza, Maui High, 58.36; 4. Cecilia Buckingham, King Kekaulike, 1:00.13; 5. Mari Yamamoto, Maui High, 1:00.14.

500 freestyle–1. Jordynn Brown, Maui High, 5:16.14; 2. Madison Eiting, Seabury Hall, 5:41.77; 3. Kalla Pellettieri, Seabury Hall, 5:49.32; 4. Li’a Vanderpoel, King Kekaulike, 6:07.70; 5. Charie Salacup, Maui High, 6:23.73.

200 freestyle relay–1. Baldwin ‘A’ (Kristi Kimura, Jessica Baker, Audrey Reiss, Jacsen Donohue) 1:50.10, 2. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 1:50.89, 3. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 1:52.96, 4. Maui High ‘A’ 1:53.72, 5. King Kekaulike ‘A’ 1:58.27.

100 backstroke–1. Jordynn Brown, Maui High, 1:00.76; 2. Lexi Anderson, Lahainaluna, 1:02.25; 3. Karissa Ginoza, Maui High, 1:03.51; 4. Kylie Carter, Baldwin, 1:07.10; 5. Jessica Baker, Baldwin, 1:13.86.

100 breaststroke–1. Jordynn Brown, Maui High, 1:10.94; 2. Li’a Vanderpoel, King Kekaulike, 1:13.47; 3. Paloma Banto, Maui Prep, 1:13.56; 4. Hailey Bogar, Lahainaluna, 1:16.55; 5. Karissa Ginoza, Maui High, 1:17.83.

400 freestyle relay–1. King Kekaulike ‘A’ (Afton Page, Cecilia Buckingham, Li’a Vanderpoel, Aniston Eyre) 4:00.38, 2. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 4:32.19, 3. Maui High ‘A’ 4:37.59.


Team–1. Maui High 55, 2. Lahainaluna 44, 3. Maui Prep 43, 4. Kamehameha Maui 31, 5. Baldwin 24, 6. King Kekaulike 19, 7. Seabury Hall 13, 8. St. Anthony 7.

1-meter diving–1. Luke Berrigan, King Kekaulike, 201.15; 2. KaiMana DeGuzman-Meya, Maui High, 181.60; 3. Leo Hardacker, King Kekaulike, 160.90; 4. Cody Sakamoto, Baldwin, 132.80.

200 medley relay–1. Lahainaluna ‘A’ (Kendall Beam, Jaden Yip, Koa Arnold, Maison Alexander) 1:46.67, 2. Kamehameha Maui ‘A’ 1:51.51, 3. Maui High ‘A’ 1:56.16, 4. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 1:57.97, 5. Maui Prep ‘A’ 1:58.25.

200 freestyle–1. Mathew Iverson, Maui Prep, 1:51.49; 2. Conner Gunderson, Maui High, 1:52.42; 3. Ryan Wise, Kamehameha Maui, 1:56.58; 4. Brandon Kwock Fukuda, Baldwin, 2:01.73; 5. Maxx Cherry, Lahainaluna, 2:04.16.

200 IM–1. Aaren Orquia, Maui High, 2:00.11; 2. Carl Vincent McNabb, Baldwin, 2:03.46; 3. Patrick Garduque, Maui High, 2:05.03; 4. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 2:08.86; 5. Maison Alexander, Lahainaluna, 2:13.91.

50 freestyle–1. Mathew Iverson, Maui Prep, 23.33; 2. Kevin Martin, Baldwin, 23.52; 3. Kendall Beam, Lahainaluna, 23.69; 4. Koa Arnold, Lahainaluna, 23.76; 5. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 23.86.

100 butterfly–1. Jaden Yip, Lahainaluna, 56.33; 2. Maison Alexander, Lahainaluna, 58.66; 3. Quincey Augustine, Maui High, 1:01.38; 4. Edwin Barrett, King Kekaulike, 1:01.55; 5. Kainalu Ball, Maui High, 1:17.33.

100 freestyle–1. Carl Vincent McNabb, Baldwin, 50.41; 2. Kaeo Kaupalolo, Kamehameha Maui, 50.96; 3. Ryan Wise, Kamehameha Maui, 52.32; 4. Slater Fleck, Maui Prep, 52.52; 5. Koa Arnold, Lahainaluna, 52.85.

500 freestyle–1. Sean Cerizo, St. Anthony, 5:17.77; 2. Edwin Barrett, King Kekaulike, 5:19.86; 3. Sean Janneck, Seabury Hall, 5:42.61; 4. Dennis Nezelek, King Kekaulike, 6:16.82.

200 freestyle relay–1. Maui Prep ‘A’ (Peyton Gillespie, Niko Banto, Mathew Iverson, Slater Fleck) 1:39.13, 2. Kamehameha Maui ‘A’ 1:39.51, 3. Baldwin ‘A’ 1:40.17, 4. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 1:41.02, 5. Baldwin ‘B’ 1:43.05.

100 backstroke–1. Aaren Orquia, Maui High, 54.87; 2. Jaden Yip, Lahainaluna, 56.65; 3. Patrick Garduque, Maui High, 57.10; 4. Conner Gunderson, Maui High, 59.66; 5. Kobe Lilio, Kamehameha Maui, 1:00.03.

100 breaststroke–1. Patrick Garduque, Maui High, 1:03.00; 2. Kaeo Kaupalolo, Kamehameha Maui, 1:09.34; 3. Conner Gunderson, Maui High, 1:10.25; 4. Ryunosuke Hattori, Lahainaluna, 1:14.24; 5. Caden Wheeler, Maui Prep, 1:16.76.

400 freestyle relay–1. Maui Prep ‘A’ (Slater Fleck, Peyton Gillespie, Mathew Iverson, Jonah Kirkham) 3:33.11, 2. Maui High ‘A’ 3:44.50, 3. Seabury Hall ‘A’ 4:02.89, 4. Lahainaluna ‘A’ 4:20.23.


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