Decision on MIL fall, winter sports likely to come today

It appears the fate of all fall and winter sports in the Maui Interscholastic League will be decided today.

After a 2 1/2-hour meeting of MIL athletic directors Tuesday, a decision was made to hold an “emergency meeting” of the MIL Executive Council this morning, according to Maui High School principal Jamie Yap.

“Athletic directors met and they’re now charged to meet with their administrators,” said Yap, who is the MIL voting member of the Hawaii High School Athletic Association Executive Board. “There will be a board meeting, an emergency executive (council) meeting tomorrow for the MIL at 10:30 where all the administrators will be part of the decision moving forward with athletics.”

Yap said after today’s meeting, “At that point a written statement by the MIL will come out.”

It appears that decision will be announced today.

“Originally it was set for Thursday, but with the meeting tomorrow I think the athletics directors felt the sooner the decision is made to help the public understand the direction that they’re going, sooner versus later would be better,” Yap said.

Yap added that no decision was made during Tuesday’s AD meeting “except to bring it to a vote tomorrow.”

Yap emphasized that “we have to make sure everything gets heard, but I think that the important thing to know is that everybody that met today spent hours deliberating, talking and flushing out all of the community’s concerns.”

Yap noticed a protest of sign-wavers, largely Baldwin wrestlers and supporters, in front of the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center on Monday.

“It’s important that the community and the athletes coming back, just remember that none of what has happened in the past, just recently as of yesterday, all of these things were recognized, were brought up, were talked about,” Yap said. “And the decisions that are going to come forward are going to have some transparency. Hopefully the public will understand that the decision that is going to be made is not just for the wall.

“The public’s call and notice for us to recognize that these kids want to play have been recognized and considered in this decision through hours of deliberation and discussion, so we can make the right call.”

Yap acknowleged that the rumblings of upset parents and student-athletes are growing.

“We are not putting their concerns to the side,” Yap said. “We hear the concerns and we take into consideration what the public is saying and at the same time we want to do what’s right and do the right thing moving forward.”

The HHSAA canceled all of its state tournaments slated for March over the weekend, while the Interscholastic League of Honolulu and Oahu Interscholastic Association announced that most of their winter sports are off the board — the OIA, the state’s largest league, officially canceled all fall and winter sports, including football, on Tuesday.

On Monday, most Maui public schools decided to postpone on-campus learning until Feb. 1 as COVID-19 cases on the Valley Isle continue to rise, which further clouds the skies of when sports can return.

“We’re going to be looking at the fall and winter sports and again recognize that the efforts of athletic directors to ensure that all of the people are heard in this decision,” Yap said.

He added that today’s decision will be mainly focused on fall and winter sports.

“Because spring sports would start sometime this month, and our return to school is February 1st, which could delay the start, but it doesn’t mean they won’t happen,” he said. “They might delay the start of (spring sports) practice, but as far as the (MIL executive) council, spring sports is not part of the discussion. It’s still on the calendar, it hasn’t been removed. After February 1st, things might change and the department might come up with other stuff, so we’ll see.”

* Robert Collias is at rcollias@mauinews.com.


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