Valley Isle Scoreboard


RGC Golf Club

Sunday’s Results

At The Dunes at Maui Lani

Low gross–Mark Shimamura.

White tee net–Val Ogata 69, Clyde Imai 71, Mark Shimamura 73, Lance Terada 73, Gerry Caliva 76, Neal Nitta 76, Jeff Mahoney 76.

Par 3s–No. 3: Neal Nitta; No. 6: Mark Shimamura; No. 8: Kerry Kamalii; No. 17: Val Ogata.

Skins–Val Ogata 2, Neal Nitta, Kerry Kamalii, Mark Shimamura.

Front tee net–Wayne Omura 71, Vince Tesoro 72, Gordon Guerrero 73.

Par 3s–No. 3: Myles Fujinaka; No. 6: James Palafox; No. 8: Wayne Omura; No. 17: Victor Inouye.

Skins–Mike Suyama 4, Victor Inouye 6, Ed Tesoro 3, Yasmin Takahashi.

RGC Tounament of Champions (net)–Val Ogata 69, Wayne Omura 71, Gordon Guerrero, Mark Shimamura, Lance Terada 73, James Palafox 75, Gerry Caliva, Jeff Mahoney, Neal Nitta 76, Wayne Edrada, Yasmin Takahashi 77, Scott Suda, Pefu Tagaloa 80.




Tuesday’s Results

At Wailuku Lanes

Standings–Cindy’s 23, Lee’s 22, Celine’s 21, Sandy’s 20, Wizzie’s 19.

High series (handicap)–Celine Belanger 644, Kathy Barker 639.


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