The legacy of ‘The Little Red Hen’

Who will help me with health care? Not I. Not I. Not I. Who will help me with immigration? Not I. Not I. Not I.

Who will help me bring back jobs? Not I. Not I. Not I.

Along comes Donald Trump and Mr. President. Mr. Trump is arrogant in voice and in actions. He decided to run for president. He did and won.

It seems becoming Mr. President has humbled Mr. Trump. I saw in his speech, thanking Hillary Clinton for a good fight, thanking his supporters, asking for help from the opposition. Sounded almost magnanimous. Let’s see if Mr. President and not Mr. Trump can talk the talk and walk the walk.

I took a liking to his saying he wanted to help the people. Let’s see him improve what is not broken. To bring back jobs.

To improve health care and not trash it. To unite America.

Maybe he saw God for the first time and not Mammon. He looked scared. America is not ready for another apple from the “first lady.”

Michael Matoi