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Hawaiian Airlines offers $98 fares

HONOLULU — Hawaiian Airlines has dropped prices to $98 for some round-trip flights as Southwest Airlines enters the Hawaii market.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports the Honolulu-based airline was offering low airfares Monday for flights between Oahu and Maui starting next month.

The airline listed low airfares for most days in May as well, matching Southwest’s lowest price.

The Dallas-based carrier is beginning daily flights between the islands in late April. It’s making its trans-Pacific debut Sunday with a flight from Oakland, Calif., to Honolulu.

It’s launching flights between Oakland and Maui on April 7. It aims to serve four airports in Hawaii from Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and San Diego.

Hawaiian has held a monopoly on the state’s inter-island market since November 2017.


Hawaii new home for albatross chicks

LIHUE, Hawaii — A wildlife refuge on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is providing a new home for endangered albatross chicks.

The Garden Island reported Tuesday that researchers recently translocated 25 chicks to the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge on Oahu from their birthplace on the Midway Atoll 1,300 miles away.

Conservationists say moving the chicks will help foster new colonies on Oahu and contribute to a growing population.

The Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project says black-footed albatross are one of three albatross species seen regularly in the north Pacific.

The species is listed as endangered due to threats such as longline fishing and plastic consumption.

The nonprofit group Pacific Rim Conservation moved 40 black-footed albatross chicks from Midway and Tern Island, Hawaii, to the Campbell refuge in 2017-2018.