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More wind farm protesters arrested

KAHUKU, Hawaii — More protesters opposed to a wind farm on Oahu’s North Shore have been arrested.

Dozens of protesters trying to block equipment from getting to the construction site were arrested Sunday night and Monday morning.

Honolulu police say 27 people were arrested Sunday night in west Oahu where the equipment convoy departed from. Police say another 13 people were arrested Monday in Kahuku, where the project is located.

They were arrested for disobeying an officer.

Last week, 55 protesters were arrested during another equipment convoy.

Opponents say the turbines pose health risks and are noisy. The energy company building the project says wind turbines are safe and the noise is comparable to light traffic.


Oahu plans temp homeless project

HONOLULU — A pilot project aimed at reducing problems related to Oahu’s homeless population is scheduled to begin offering a temporary hub for homeless services, officials said.

The two-pronged approach to reducing homelessness and related crime will include a crackdown on violations and the opening of a “navigation center,” The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Sunday.

Waipahu Cultural Garden Park northeast of Honolulu will host the center offering a range of social services called the Homeless Outreach and Navigation for Unsheltered Persons.

The temporary center located at Hawaii’s Plantation Village will be made of inflatable, wind-resistant structures. The center that will remain no longer than 90 days before the project is relocated to a different city park.