Honolulu mayor announces plan to recycle ash byproduct

HONOLULU (AP) — Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced a city contract to build a facility to treat and recycle ash in order to prevent it from ending up in Oahu’s landfill.

The contract with Covanta Projects LLC was issued Dec. 7 and will cost roughly $60 million over an 11-year period.

“As an island with finite natural resources and land, we understand the importance of minimizing the impact from the waste we generate,” Caldwell said in a statement. “Through our investments in the H-POWER plant, including our cutting edge sludge burning facility, we have led the way in recovering value from waste, while minimizing the amount we send to our Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill (WGSL).”

The Honolulu Program of Waste Energy Recovery facility will treat and clean the ash that could potentially be used as construction material.