Report: Police chief violated bias policy by mocking Asians

LIHUE (AP) — The police chief on the Hawaiian island of Kauai mocked people of Asian descent and in one case ìsquinted his eyes” and bowed his head while mimicking someone with a Japanese accent, a discrimination investigation found.

In another incident, Kauai police Chief Todd Raybuck relayed a story of meeting someone of Asian descent in a restaurant in which he parodied the person’s speech and mannerisms, the investigation by the Kauai Police Commission said.

The chief, according to internal documents obtained by The Garden Island newspaper, said the person had a haircut that looked like something out of a ìKung Fu movie.”

Raybuck violated county discrimination policies and created a hostile work environment for an officer based on race, the investigaton found. Both are cause for ìappropriate corrective action,” said a Feb. 26 letter about the investigation written by commission chair Catherine Adams.

Given the findings regarding violation of the Policy Against Discrimination, the Commission will take appropriate corrective action to assure that future violations do not occur,” Adams wrote in the letter. ìThe details of the corrective action are confidential personnel matters.”

The recipient of the letter was not disclosed.

Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami said if the allegations against Raybuck are true, they are hurtful, particularly to Asian Americans. He said discrimination cannot be tolerated.