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Waialua bridge to close for repairs

HONOLULU — A bridge has closed in Waialua on Oahu after a structural inspection last week found damage to the overpass.

The closure has caused traffic increases on surrounding roadways that are expected to increase the strain on Waialua Elementary School, which is near the bridge and is preparing to transition back to full in-person instruction starting next week, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Saturday.

“The cars are backing up at the intersection of Thompson Corner,” said Manu Anana, board president of the Waialua Community Association. “There’s more traffic. It takes longer to get in and out of the area.”

Berni Paik-Apau, an office manager at the Waialua Community Association, said some people have to spend much more time dropping their kids off for school as a result of the closure.

The bridge over Kiikii Stream was deemed unsafe to cross after heavy rainfall and flooding may have caused damage to the bridge.