Kauai visitors get discount with 2nd virus test

HONOLULU (AP) — Visitors to the Hawaiian island of Kauai will receive a discount card for local businesses if they voluntarily take a coronavirus test three days after arriving in addition to their required test before travel.

The Kokua Kauai Card program will begin on Monday, when the island reenters the Safe Travels Program, which allows people to avoid quarantining if they can show a negative pre-travel coronavirus test, Hawaii Public Radio reported.

The card will feature a QR code that links to a site with discounts and incentives offered by local Kauai businesses. About 60 Kauai businesses, hotels and restaurants are participating in the program.

“We wanted an additional layer of security in addition to what Safe Travels provides,” said Mark Perriello, the executive director of the Kauai Chamber of Commerce.