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Contamination warned on Kauai

LIHUE — Beaches and other areas on Kauai that smell like sewage may be showing signs of contamination, according to Hawaii health officials.

The Hawaii Department of Health hasn’t received any indications of disease outbreaks following the recent flooding, but people have reported rashes and irritated skin after spending time in the sand at Hanalei Bay, The Garden Island reported.

“If an area smells like it is contaminated by sewage or other foul-smelling materials, it can be assumed to be contaminated,” said Anna Koethe, a department spokesperson.

The department advises people to consider putting a towel or blanket down if they plan to spend time on the area’s beaches. They should also wash off after contact.

“While DOH does not test sand quality, it does actively monitor the quality of coastal waters,” Koethe said. “DOH recommendations to stay out of flood and storm waters also apply to areas that have been in contact with those potentially contaminated waters.”

The department issued a brown-water advisory for Hanalei Bay Friday following the additional rainfall Thursday. Multiple dirty water advisories have remained in effect for parts of the island since the flooding.

State and local health agencies deployed a medical team to Haena last week. The team has treated more than 200 residents for skin and wound infections, abrasions and other injuries common to flooding events, officials said.


Alaska makes emergency landing

HONOLULU — An Alaska Airlines plane has made an emergency landing in Hawaii.

Hawaii News Now reports the airline says Flight 145 was heading from Seattle to Hawaii Friday night when an oil filter bypass light came on in the cockpit.

The airline says the pilots throttled down one engine of the plane and declared an emergency as they approached the islands.

The plane with 157 people aboard landed safely in Honolulu.

There were no reports of any injuries.


Zippy’s warns of credit card breach

HONOLULU — A Hawaii restaurant chain says a data breach may have compromised customers’ personal information, including credit and debit card numbers.

Zippy’s Restaurants says customers who made purchases with cards from Nov. 23 to March 29 may be affected.

The information may have been compromised at all Zippy’s locations as well as Napoleon’s Bakery, Kahala Sushi and Pearl City Sushi.

The company says it is working with security experts to “implement processes and measures that will improve our system security to help prevent this from happening again.”