Hawaii GOP expels ‘pro white’ state candidate

HILO (AP) — The Hawaii Republican Party has expelled a state House candidate after learning of his racist views, officials said.

The party expelled Bryan Feste, who is running against Grace Manipol-Larson for the Republican nomination for the Hilo-area seat, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported Saturday.

Democratic state Rep. Chris Todd currently holds the seat.

Feste, 29, told the newspaper that he wants an “all white nation.” He described himself as “pro white” in campaign material, which also used derogatory language for Jewish and black Americans.

Feste has considered backing out the race, he said, but his name will still appear on the ballot for the August primary. The deadline to withdraw was last month. Ballots for absentee voters were mailed last week.

Feste  said he moved to Hawaii three years ago.

State Republican Party Chairwoman Shirlene Ostrov said she has met Feste previously but she was unaware of his views until he sent out flyers.

The party can’t stop Feste from running as a Republican or “representing outrageous and disgusting views that in no way, shape or form represent or express the views of Hawaii Republicans,” Ostrov said.

“The Hawaii Republican Party values the rich diversity of our great state,” Ostrov said.