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Bank to oversee trust of princess

HONOLULU — A bank has agreed to supervise the trust of a 93-year-old Native Hawaiian heiress considered the last living Hawaiian princess.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Wednesday that First Hawaiian Bank has conditionally agreed in a court filing to take over as trustee of the Kawananakoa Trust.

Abigail Kawananakoa is a descendent of the family that ruled the islands before the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom in 1893.

Kawananakoa is trying to regain control of her $215 million estate after suffering a stroke in 2017. A judge ruled she lacks the mental capacity to manage the trust.

First Hawaiian Bank insists on the appointment of an independent guardian for Kawananakoa and an independent conservator to oversee her financial affairs outside the trust.


Ex-cop’s deal avoids jail for sex assaults

HONOLULU — A plea deal with prosecutors will allow a former Hawaii police officer to serve probation rather than jail time for sexually assaulting a child.

News outlets reported Wednesday that 45-year-old Teddy O. Van Lerberghe has reached an agreement guaranteeing a five-year probation sentence with no jail term.

An Oahu grand jury indicted him in 2017 on seven counts of sexual assault against a 5-year-old girl beginning in 2004 and continuing until 2008.

Van Lerberghe pleaded no contest to the seven felonies.