Lemur is born

HONOLULU (AP) — The Honolulu Zoo has announced the birth of an endangered ring-tailed lemur.

Hawaii News Now reported Wednesday that the lemur was born June 10 to a 4-year-old mother and 3-year-old father.

Officials at the Oahu zoo say the lemurs arrived separately in fall 2018 with hopes they would bear offspring.Officials say the lemurs are on display at the zoo’s Primate Islands.

Lemurs are recognizable by their black-and-white banded tails that are about 2 feet long.

Ring-tailed lemurs are listed as endangered.

and only live in the wild in Madagascar.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature says lemurs are among the world’s most endangered mammals.

The organization says that as of 2013, up to 90% of lemur species faced extinction within 20 to 25 years.