Sessions, an Alabama icon, faces uncertain path to Senate

FILE - In this May 9, 2109, file photo, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions smiles during a farewell ceremony for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the Great Hall at the Department of Justice in Washington. Sessions is planning to run for his former Senate seat in Alabama. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

By ALAN FRAM and KIM CHANDLER Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to return to his old Senate seat from Alabama.

But it’s already clear he’ll have a fight on his hands.

Knowledgeable Republicans say Sessions will announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination on Thursday. He’s been a conservative icon and dominant vote-getter in the state since the 1990s.

Yet a well-known football coach, a GOP congressman and the GOP’s last Senate nominee — the controversial Roy Moore — are already fighting for the nomination.

And Sessions’ expected entry into the race is receiving a neutral welcome from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Asked if he thought it’s a good idea for Sessions to run, McConnell tells The Associated Press that Alabamans will “figure this out” and he hopes to win the seat back.