SkinnyFATS now at Foodland

Las Vegas restaurant franchise brings its products to Maui

Foodland Kehalani General Manager Vaughn Hamai (right) and cashier Aldo Go display the new SkinnyFATS Turmerica hot mustard and Chipotle catsup, both all natural and free of GMOs, glutens and high-fructose corn syrup. -- The Maui News / CARLA TRACY photo

SkinnyFATS is well-known for its two-fold American fare that features menu options under “healthy” and “happy” headers.

With four locations across the Las Vegas valley and two more on the way, SkinnyFATS has quickly become one of the most popular casual eateries in that part of Nevada.

Now founder Reed Allen Slobusky is launching a new condiment line that is available in select Foodland locations in Hawaii, including in Wailuku at Foodland Kehalani.

The catsups and mustards are a craft line of condiments that are slowly making their way into other grocery stores across the nation.

Fearless flavors are without processed additives and are all natural, GMO-free, gluten-free and exceptionally delicious when topping hamburgers and hot dogs or being utilized in Hawaii recipes.

The “mind-blowing” sauces, according to Slobusky, include Jalatcha with jalapenos, smoky Chillpotle (with dried, smoked hot peppers), Unipeppercorn (with black pepper) and Porky Pineapple.

“Each of the flavors are designed to appeal to a wide array of palates. From sweet to spicy and everything in between, the savory sauces are made with no high-fructose corn syrup and only fresh and hand-picked tomatoes.

Mustard lovers and those who know about the benefits of the spice, turmeric, are raving about the Turmerica.

SkinnyFATS’ manufacturing plant was built in 2016 and is located in Costa Rica. It uses a vertical integration system to ensure that only the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce from its farm is made into sauces — taking SkinnyFATS from farm to bottle.


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