Presentations focus on 2019-20 whale season

One thing could reverse chronic disease says medical doctor

Ivan T. Tanimoto, 56

There was an error in the obituary that ran in the Maui News on Tuesday, November 12, 2019. Ivan T. Tanimoto, 56, of Wailuku, Maui passed away on November 6, 2019 ...

John Edgar Cacalda Pacubas, 49

Ivan T. Tanimoto, 56

Reader puzzled by expression

Grade-separated walkway problematic, expensive

The State of Aloha

Imagine going to a doctor’s office for a checkup or routine examination. You tell them about what ails you, the doctor’s brow furrows, runs some tests, examines ...

Healthwise Maui

Sharing Mana‘o

Do you support the move by the U. S. House of Representatives to begin an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump?

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