Na Wai ‘Eha ruling prioritizes sustainability and culture


After over 20 years of legal proceedings, the Hawaii Commission on Water Resources Management issued a decision and order on June 28 prioritizing sustainable water resource management and Hawaiian culture for Na Wai ‘Eha, which encompasses all waters from Waihee, Waiehu, Wailuku and Waikapu. ...

Affordable housing must be a collaborative effort

Letters to the Editor

Creating affordable housing is a collaborative necessity. From long personal experience as a developer of affordable housing, I can express firsthand the frustration and ambiguity in the entire process. The costs, the time it takes and the continual inability to project a reasonable positive ...

Time zone gamesmanship


The Tokyo Summer Olympics has us thinking back to when Monday Night Football was tape delayed in Hawaii. Before ESPN took over in fall 2006, it was on ABC and started in the islands at 6:30 p.m., usually well after the games were finished on the Mainland. If you were planning to watch, you ...

Speeding on blind curve matter of bad attitude

Letters to the Editor

There is a blind curve near my home. Very few drivers obey the speed limit, and many cross the centerline. Let’s do the math: Two 3,100-pound vehicles, going 32 mph each, crash head-on. All their kinetic energy goes into injuring or killing the vehicle’s occupants and damaging or ...

Corporate tax evasion exposed in Streep movie

Letters to the Editor

Regarding The Maui News July 20 editorial on corporate tax evasion, “The Laundromat,” with Meryl Streep is streaming on Netflix. It is a must-see dramatic expose, based on the Panama Papers, corporate (and individual) tax evasion. True. Too true. Marilyn Hillman Kula

Taking up the torch


When Margie Dela Cruz landed a job at Maui Adult Day Care Centers 27 years ago, she never imagined she’d someday lead the organization as its executive director. In 1994, Dela Cruz applied to work at the nonprofit, which provides affordable day care services to clients who are elderly, ...