The State of Aloha


Albi is a very old town in Southern France. The architecture of the core of buildings huddled along the banks of the Tarn River have traces of French, Spanish, and North African influences. In other words, it’s on the other side of the planet from here. But should you ever find walking its ...

Wear colored wrist bands for economic reopening

Letters to the Editor

As society begins to reopen gradually, event planners could take a page out of a successful program using wrist bands. People who don’t want contact at an event or workplace can wear a red wrist band; people who are okay with elbow bumps wear yellow; and people who are okay with hugs and ...

Those refusing vaccine should sign liability waiver

Letters to the Editor

I do respect people’s choice not to vaccinate. However, if you do not want to vaccinate, sign a waiver stating that if you do get the virus, you will not be permitted in the hospital because you had the choice to vaccinate and refused. It is like homeowner’s insurance; if your house ...

Virtual KCA meeting to address community plan

Letters to the Editor

Kihei Community Association’s virtual meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 21. Everyone can participate via Facebook Live online at: https://facebook.com/kihei.community.association/live, even if you do not have a Facebook account. The meeting is in three segments. First will be introduction of ...

National debt and tax evasion


A new Treasury Department report finds that the United States is losing $163 billion per year because of tax evasion by the top 1 percent of earners. The story is mind-numbingly familiar: phenomenally rich people finding new and creative ways to boost their wealth even more by cheating the rest ...

Healthwise Maui


Q: Do I need to get a vaccine even if I’m young and healthy? Doesn’t the coronavirus mainly affect the elderly? Dr. Michael Shea, Intensivist and Chief Medical Director, Maui Health: In the first phase of the pandemic, older people seemed to be hit harder by COVID. That’s not the case ...