Families, not investors, deserve to have homes in Maui County


Housing. Cars. Food. Gas. We’re spending more on everything these days. Maui County’s economy is a microcosm of the global economy. The worldwide worker shortage, ongoing supply chain problems and inflation have hit our household budgets, and it hurts. Our housing shortage also mirrors the ...

Warrior/king culture left unchecked results in tyrant

Letters to the Editor

From conception of a child to the emergence of the universe, hidden in plain view is the energy life force principle. This principle is called by many names, yet its function and relationship remain constant. Mystics and poets, desert fathers and shamans seem to have caught glimpses of these ...

Staging post to more restrictions


It has taken anti-abortion campaigners a concerted five-decade campaign to get here: the Supreme Court’s provisional decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. More than half of America’s women can expect to live in states where abortion is banned or greatly restricted if, as anticipated, next ...

Support bill lowering disability qualification

Letters to the Editor

This year, the Maui County Council has made positive changes to homeowners’ exemptions resulting in tax relief for many. However, a 1980s Maui County exemption law allows only 100 percent disabled veterans to receive a disability exemption. While it has helped, this law is limited and in ...

What a ride omicron case turned out to be

Letters to the Editor

COVID day five: Woke up feeling pretty good. Feeling all my symptoms lessen is a big relief. Thinking of going to work tomorrow if I continue this path to recovery. Finally closing my mouth while sleeping was glorious. The takeaway? I really don’t know if the three shots helped. Did it ...

The State of Aloha


In addition to citing a witchfinder general — an odious government official who tortured women accused of witchcraft in the 17th century — Justice Samuel Alito, in his leaked draft opinion of Dodds v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, cited a very old statute much closer to home: ...