Coast Guard takes COVID-19 supplies to Lanai

Coast Guard Auxiliary aircrew members stand with Brian Kamimoto (far right), assistant airport superintendent, Maui District, at the Maui Airport Fire Station while picking up response supplies for delivery from Maui to Lanai on March 28. CHIEF PETTY OFFICER SARA MUIR photo

The Maui News

A Coast Guard Auxiliary aircrew transported COVID-19 supplies from the Kahului Airport Fire Station to personnel at Lanai Airport for use by airport staff.

On March 28, the Coast Guard delivered items like reading thermometers and hand sanitation equipment to the island, which is home to more than 3,000 people, according to a news release.

“This is another example of federal-state partnerships,” said John Manganaro, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District Staff Officer — Aviation.

“Thank you to pilots Bob Emami and Barry Redmayne for handling this essential mission task. We coupled the delivery with one of our regular patrols.”

Manganaro has been with the program for five years, while Emami has been flying for the Auxiliary for 13 years and Redmayne for 10.

Monthly, the air corps averages 15 flights in support of routine patrols, first light search and rescue, pollution response, past transports of injured or recovered animals and birds, and specialty flights like this delivery.

“We evaluate flights using the current risk assessment model with particular attention to the health and well-being of pilot and aircrew,” Manganaro said in the news release.

“We’ve taken steps to minimize risk, and if for any reason our teams feel there’s unacceptable exposure risk to COVID-19, we’ll cancel the flight. Our pilots need to maintain their competencies and stay in practice.”


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