Coronavirus survivor’s departure celebrated

Running a gauntlet of cheers

Talilotu Carlson is cheered on by Maui Memorial Medical Center staff Monday as she is released from the hospital. She had a more than a monthlong battle with the coronavirus. She arrived at the hospital’s emergency room on March 30 with the virus and worsened to the point where she had to be placed in a medically induced coma while on a ventilator. She is a single mother of three children. Maui Health photos

The Maui News

Talilotu Carlson beat the coronavirus.

It wasn’t easy, and she had a lot of help.

The 48-year-old single mother of three was wheeled out of Maui Memorial Medical Center on Monday to cheers and applause of health care workers who lined her path to departure from her room, through the lobby and out the front door, where she hugged her son.

Carlson came to the hospital’s emergency room on March 30 afflicted with COVID-19. She was put on a ventilator and was not doing well. At one point, doctors had her in a medically induced coma, hospital officials said.

Talilotu Carlson, 48, of Maui, was released from Maui Memorial Medical Center on Monday after more than a monthlong battle with COVID-19.

Carlson rallied slowly. The ventilator eventually was removed, and she began breathing on her own.

On Monday, after 36 days in the Wailuku hospital, Carlson’s son drove her home.

“She was finally reunited with one of her children after over a month of being in the hospital and gave her heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their hard work,” a Maui Health System post on social media said.


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