Seven new COVID-19 cases for Maui on Sunday

The Maui News

Maui County recorded seven new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, on the heels of five new cases Saturday, following a warning by a state Department of Health official Friday about people holding gatherings and not practicing social distancing and wearing face masks.

“I’m here to tell you . . . something horrible happened,” Maui District Health Officer Lorrin Pang said during the news conference Friday. “Tomorrow, we will report more (cases) that are not travel-related, they are gathering related.”

Five or six big gatherings with coronavirus-positive cases produced at least 200 contacts “in the blink of an eye,” Pang said. The gatherings were “all kinds,” including indoor, outdoor, parties and at beaches.

Maui County’s total rose to 153, including two cases on Molokai and none on Lanai.

Cases also were rising statewide, especially on Oahu. After three straight days of record-breaking case numbers in Hawaii, there were 64 new cases reported Sunday by the Health Department, bringing Hawaii’s total to 1,683 (one case from Oahu was removed from the count as a result of updated information.)

There were 54 new cases on Oahu and two on Kauai. Oahu’s total rose to 1,345 and Kauai’s to 45, while Hawaii island’s remained 117. A total of 23 residents have been diagnosed outside the state.

There have been 26 deaths in Hawaii from the coronavirus, including six on Maui.

The large spike in cases on Oahu may be related to the Fourth of July and people not performing safe practices, Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Anderson said Saturday.

“We’re beginning to see more cases among younger to middle-age adults; many who relay stories of attending gatherings, parties, events, or socializing at bars,” he said.

Anderson said that amid calls to reinstitute COVID-19 restrictions that the state is “closely monitoring the situation, evaluating exposure risks, and currently in discussions on going back to previous restrictions on activities.”


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