Two puppies die after being left in container

These are three of the four puppies that survived being placed into a sealed plastic container on Nov. 2 and left at the Maui Humane Society. An individual has been charged with animal cruelty and animal abandonment in the incident. Maui Humane Society photo

The Maui News

An unidentified individual was charged with six counts of cruelty to animals and six counts of animal abandonment, after six puppies were left in a plastic storage container with its lid sealed closed with duct tape on Nov. 2, the Maui Humane Society said Sunday.

Two puppies died after hours passed in the hot sun and before a volunteer discovered the container. The remaining four puppies were rushed inside and received medical attention from the Maui Humane Society’s veterinary team, according to the Humane Society’s news letter.

Maui Humane Society Officer Miranda Boam tracked down surveillance footage to get the license plate of the individual, Jenny Miller, director of development and marketing for Maui Humane Society, said in an email Sunday.

Then officers Denise Riggs and Kaitlyn Mason went to the address of the individual and presented the person with six charges of animal abandonment and six charges of animal cruelty.

The name of the person charged was not released Sunday.

According to the Humane Society website, its officers have the same authority and powers as police officers to issue citations when animal regulations and laws are violated.

The remaining four puppies are doing well but have internal parasites and worms, Miller said. The puppies already have homes lined up, and “we’re just waiting for them to be healthy enough to go home,” Miller added.


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