MCCC inmate vaccination rate at 44%

The Maui News

Maui Community Correctional Center was the only state jail or prison facility to see a decrease in inmate vaccinations during a “point-in-time” study comparing a day in June to a day in September, state data shows.

On June 21, 47 percent of inmates at the Wailuku jail were vaccinated, compared to 44 percent, a decrease of 3 percentage points, on Sept. 14.

As of Tuesday afternoon, one inmate had recovered from COVID-19 at MCCC, leaving the facility clear of all active COVID-19 cases, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

The department advised in a news release Tuesday afternoon that the vaccination statistics are a “snapshot” and that the inmate population is transient and changes by the hour as courts order intakes and releases throughout the day.

Halawa Correctional Facility on Oahu had the highest vaccination rate among inmates at 92 percent on Sept. 14.

Overall, DPS reported a 12-percentage point increase in fully vaccinated inmates statewide from June 21, when 54 percent were vaccinated, to Sept. 14, when rates reached 66 percent.

DPS’ overall department-wide vaccination rate has also climbed to 84.5 percent as of Sept. 15, according to the news release. This is a 7.4-percentage point increase over the 77.1 percent reported on Aug. 16 to the Department of Human Resources and Development.

The Sept. 15 percentages represent 2,136 employees out of 2,271 who submitted their attestation forms. It excludes employees who are out on various types of leave and not available to report their status yet.

DPS said it expects the percentage will rise even more when those employees on leave return and submit attestations on their vaccination status.

In the Corrections Division with 1,579 active employees, approximately 76 percent of staff are vaccinated, nearly 5 percent are partially vaccinated and nearly 19 percent are not vaccinated.

In the Law Enforcement Division with 332 active employees, nearly 86 percent are vaccinated, nearly 3 percent are partially vaccinated and 11 percent are not vaccinated.

In DPS’ administration, with 155 active employees, nearly 88 percent are vaccinated, nearly 2 percent are partially vaccinated and 10 percent are not vaccinated.

In DPS’ administratively attached agencies, 100 percent of active employees are vaccinated. The agencies include the Hawaii Paroling Authority with 60 active employees and the Crime Victim Compensation Commission with 10 active employees.


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