Maui lawmakers join Equality Caucus

Two Maui lawmakers have joined a newly formed caucus dedicated to the advancement of the LGBTQ+ community, the Legislature announced Thursday.

The joint Senate and House Equality Caucus is co-chaired by Oahu Sen. Chris Lee and Oahu Rep. Adrian Tam and has 22 total members, including Central Maui Rep. Troy Hashimoto and South Maui Rep. Tina Wildberger.

The caucus plans to work with local LGBTQ+ community groups and individuals to develop legislation to increase access to health care, promote representation and advance employment opportunities for LGBTQ+ people in Hawaii, the news release said.

“Over the course of several weeks, we have brought together stakeholders, advocates and allies to create a legislative package for the upcoming session,” said Tam, an openly gay lawmaker representing Waikiki and Ala Moana. “Government works best when all marginalized groups are represented, with the Equality Caucus, we have filled a void that has been missing for several years.”


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