Ask The Mayor

Mayor Michael Victorino answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: What is the Maui County Code requiring American with Disabilities Act cutouts on sidewalks, please? Does it include gated communities too?

A: Mahalo for your question. I directed my staff to research your question and asked for assistance from our Department of Public Works. From what I understand, there is no provision in the Maui County Code relating to ADA compliance for curb cutouts. ADA compliance for county facilities is governed by state law (Hawaii Revised Statues 103-50) and overseen by the Department of Health Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB).

All county facilities, including curb cutouts, undergo review by DCAB for ADA compliance. As for your question about gated communities, the county does not review or enforce ADA compliance for private facilities that will remain private. The county would, however, require a private facility to obtain DCAB approval if the facility will be dedicated to the county.

I hope this answers your question, and if you need additional assistance, you can call our Department of Public Works at 270-7845.

Q: How do I report a streetlight that’s out near my home? I’m worried it might be difficult for elderly people driving at night.

A: Mahalo for asking this question because I believe it’s a good reminder for the public.

Please report streetlight outages to Hawaiian Electric by calling its 24-hour trouble line at 871-7777 on Maui and (877) 871-8461 on Molokai and Lanai. You can also go online to www.mauielectric.com/safety-and-outages/power-outages/report-streetlight-outage.

MECO will ask you for the number located on the pole and the location of the streetlight. It’s important to report nonworking streetlights when you see them to help improve safety of our roadways. Mahalo for your assistance.

Q: Who do I contact to get an address sign on our road at Malulani Street in Kihei?

A: Mahalo for your question. To report traffic sign and pavement marking problems on county roadways, please call the Department of Public Works’ Traffic Signs and Markings Office between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. weekdays at 270-5709.

* Want to Ask the Mayor? Submit your Maui County related questions to Mayor Michael Victorino by email at askthemayor@mauicounty.gov, by phone at 270-7855 or by mail at 200 S. High St., ninth floor, Wailuku 96793. Questions submitted will be considered for inclusion in the “Ask the Mayor” column; to request a personal response to a concern, email mayors.office@mauicounty.gov.


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