Good reasons to be thankful

Although this editorial is written a few days before Thanksgiving and, therefore, without the benefit of a stomach full of turkey and stuffing, one aspect of the holiday seems destined to have occurred:

At some point on Thursday, all of us who live on Maui will realize we have a cornucopia of blessings to be thankful for.

Yes, we are blessed with the best weather and the most beautiful scenery on Earth. Our melting pot of races and ethnic backgrounds has produced a varied and spectacularly good-looking citizenry.

And, most importantly, our citizens are armed with aloha — a spirit of continuous caring for family, friends, neighbors and visitors. Those of us who were not raised here marvel every day at a social fabric where nonprofits, governments, businesses and caring individuals work together to fend for the less fortunate.

We transplants here are indoctrinated into the spirit of aloha. Soon, you become “uncles” and “aunties” of your friends’ children. There is an important responsibility with this honor — you must strive to be a good example for those children. And that striving makes you a better person.

So, though this Thanksgiving expression is a few days early, it is genuine. We realize how lucky we are to live on Maui.

It’s our sincere hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that the rest of the holiday season is a joyous and prosperous one.

(A version of this editorial has appeared previously in The Maui News.)

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.


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