Telescope is something we should be proud of

Regarding a telescope on Haleakala, many of us would ask for new consideration by those protesting against the telescope. The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, when opened in 2019, will be the largest and most powerful solar telescope in existence. This is the best place in the world for it and it will be capable of studying the sun in unprecedented detail.

While benefiting all on Earth, because of concern over solar warming and rising sea levels, it will be of special benefit to those on the islands of the Pacific, now and in future generations. In addition, the $1.4 billion for the project will provide many jobs and be of great value to our youth interested in astronomy.

Leading the world in this is something that we on Maui should be proud of and not prevent from happening. The early islanders who discovered Hawaii were explorers and most likely would have encouraged this exploration. Based on a deity, the whole world, the universe itself, and what man can and has accomplished could be considered sacred. Respect for the past should not keep us from using science and innovation to go forward and further improve and extend our lives from those in earlier times.

I know that those with connection to our founders have grievances, but I do not think that resisting the telescope would be favored by those founders. I ask that consideration be given to stopping the protests and not overhighlighting them.

George S. Lavenson



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