False accusations made about Maui Pono Network

Maui Pono Network is a local grass-roots organization dedicated to supporting the election of the 15 ‘Ohana candidates and resolving community needs. This is a critical election where Maui County government can transition from an era of politics influenced by “big money” and offshore interests to a governance that serves the people and aina first and is open and transparent. People who are trying to discredit us are actually trying to confuse you. Don’t buy it.

During this election cycle, the letters to the editor section was used to misinform and make false accusations about the Maui Pono Network. The accuser is using the same dirty tactics used in Washington — if you go to our website for yourself who we are and how we are funded.

Our budget is small and locally driven, working mainly with volunteers who worked hard to interview candidates and hand out our cards. Black money? The only thing black is the heart of the people pushing these attacks on us and foisting falsehoods on you. It is emblematic of an undemocratic machine greased with corporate money. Looks like they see us as a threat to them. That’s good! We are.

Please check out our website at mauipononetwork.org. Long-standing Maui County issues will be resolved with the right representation. The time has come for Maui residents to replace the “career politicians” with new leaders who will protect our county from overtourism, focus on housing our residents, creating jobs for our children and local affordable food.

Paul Deslauriers



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