Hoax/coup shouldn’t happen again to a sitting president

The collusion hoax/coup is over. Robert Mueller with AG William Barr both concluded that no collusion, no obstruction occurred. Furthermore, that even with the president weighing his options to shut down the probe, in the end didn’t. No executive privilege was used, everyone had access to everything, and in two years found nothing.

The communist Democrats and their media propaganda machine are freaking out because they know phase two is coming. The inspector general’s investigative report as well as the new special counsel. The IG’s office is responsible for the accountability of the investigation, to which there was none. The new special counsel will investigate the hoax, how Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC paid for the false Steele Dossier, and all who were involved. The people involved, like communist party leader John Brennan and company, need to be tried and incarcerated for a long time.

This phony hoax/coup all because an old lady didn’t get her turn should never happen again to a sitting president.

Stephen Phillips



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